Telepathy is the ability of humans and other creatures to communicate via the mind without speech or body language. It is a form of extra-sensory perception just like clairvoyance or clairsentience. It is defined as the direct transference of a thought from one person to another without using any sensory forms of communication. This means that you receive a conversational thought from someone without them speaking or using body language to communicate it to you. Not everyone has the ability to use telepathy, but there are ways to improve your skills if you are able to use it.  Read more about psychic skills and abilities here

Preparing to use Telepathy

To begin using telepathy you should begin by preparing your heart and mind. You must believe with all your heart and mind that the telepathy will work. If there is any doubt in your mind you will not be able to send or receive psychic messages. Find a friend or loved one that is willing to work with you and spend a few moments building a connection with them. You must create an energy coupling between the sender and receiver. Engage them in a brief conversation, ask their favorite color or a place they’d like to visit. Try to visualize the answer before they give it. Take note of any empathic cues you pick up on and remember them. Once you have coupled with your partner, head to a room where the lights have been dimmed and use sensory perception dimming items such as headphones playing white noise. These are most important for the receiver so that they are not distracted by the sensory world and better able to pick up your telepathic messages. Encourage them to close their eyes. Both of you should meditate and clear your mind, making sure to relax your bodies.

Sit across from one another in an upright but comfortable position. Be sure you’re prepared to limit your time. If you spend too long at first or try to communicate across too far a distance you will mentally exhaust yourself. Begin transmitting your thought by visualizing your receiver. Try to make the image as clear and detailed as possible. Picture everything about them and then begin visualizing a tube or wire connecting your two minds. This tube should look and feel full of energy, ready to transmit your message at a moment’s notice. Focused on the tube and only the tube; it needs to be as real as possible for your mind to send the message. Now begin picturing the message you want to send. It’s easiest to begin by transmitting a picture of something simple such as a piece of fruit or a bag. Picture it in detail, imagine how the object will feel and any emotion attached to it. All of these are important to send with the image.

Clear your mind

Once you have the image in your mind, as clear as if you were looking at it, begin to transmit it through the silver tube. Believe that the message will transfer and push it through with all your brain power. Take a few moments to write in a journal what you transmitted and be prepared to wait a little while to see if the message transmitted. If you were unsuccessful, begin again with meditation and work through the steps once more. If you believe it was successful, have the receiver write down what they received from you including any details such as feelings. Compare their results to what you have written in your journal and determine just how successful you were! The more you practice the better you will be and the further you will be able to transmit your thoughts.


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