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The Power of Self Empowerment – Why You Should Empower Your Self

I have seen many people commenting on the blog stating that they feel very depressed and unlucky because they are born on number 8 or any other number. Its not my intention to create fear or depression to people by posting about the traits of people born on days of the month, rather the very essence of it is to create self awareness and empower your self so that you be free from all sorts of suffering and miseries.

One cannot change the day or number he/she was born, the date of birth or our current manifestation is karmic, and we are the sole reason for our current manifestation. Unless, we understand that all the outcomes of our innumerable manifestations in different life forms is due to our Karma, i.e the outcome of the ignorance resulted due to the actions done in non awareness, we cannot be truly free.

To free oneself from this ignorance, one should know the nature of his current manifestation/birth, and accept it without any discrimination. By accepting your current Birth, you are naturally empowering your Self. When the Self is empowered, all numbers and planets associated with your manifestation are empowered and the chain of karma is halted. This is the dawn of Wisdom!

To understand empowerment of Self, one should understand Non-dualism. In simple terms, pure acceptance of their very own manifestation, and to stay away from both regrets and jubilation of lives events. Cursing ones very own birth or regretting their very manifestation is the greatest ignorance and karma, and the opposite is the transcendental wisdom. Hence, the key is to celebrate existence without dualism, i.e even in pain or pleasure.

Self empowerment can blossom only when you accept and believe that you are very expression of divine. This is the truth, and unless it its believed on a mental level, true realization of this cannot be possible. All your notions of your birth as sinners, guilty souls, impure souls should be burned. Such notions will create a strong thought and such thoughts will act as a seed for your future birth as guilty or impure manifestation only, thus manifesting in animal realm. You must realize and affirm yourself that you are manifestation of the Divine, the Supreme Being, The One.

All sentiment beings are children of the Father – The Supreme Consciousness, our inability to realize this due to ignorance created by defilement of Mind in endless incarnations is what creates suffering and pain in our lives. So accept yourself, Love and Celebrate your existence, Worship the Divine Father in You, thus you will realize that You and the Father are One !


  1. Superb and gr8 article on the fact that we have to accept ourselves as own being and try to focus n improve our own karma….Our karma is the main seed that we put and results that we receive based on our actions… I have request to u sir from my heart that why dont you publish ur own website or else it will be good to read ur book so that many people in this world would come to know about the level of understanding of your astrology, Numerology things… It will be really pleasure to read your books on Numerology, Astrology or the divine principals that you share though your blog or through your website………..Hats off .. : ) May God bless you….

  2. nice post, acceptance is the key. Love yourself. Numerology/Astrology works to an extent as its only a science. Above that is Supreme God. We all are souls same golden light as God. Once you realize that you can overcome all fears by meditating and than you can live happy and peaceful life.


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