Astrology and Numerology – An Ode to India’s Contribution to Metaphysics


 Astrology and Numerology – An Ode to India’s Contribution to Metaphysics

Astrology and Numerology have been regarded as an ancient science of wisdom in India for the last three millennium. The research, contribution and advancement of this science by Indian astrologers and numerologist is overwhelming. Presently, astrology research work in India have evolved to great heights, especially in mundane astrology. The transition from Gurukul learning to individual’s interest based learning is evident from the shift of zodiacal age of Pisces to Aquarius.

The purpose of divination sciences like Astrology, Numerology, palmistry, iching, etc.. were all discovered by sentient beings in search of an answer for human suffering. There are so many divination methods available to man to discover the true nature of reality, and thus celebrate his existence. Right from the ancient Vedic astrology propounded by Sage Parashara to the Modern Esoteric astrology, the divination science has evolved as the consciousness of our totality as evolved. Any science, whether pure or metaphysics has to evolve continuously, this is the natural law of order ! As universe expands, our collective consciousness expands like that of consciousness of celestial’s. Hence, research and insight into astrology or numerology amounts paramount importance. And, India, holds a distinct place in contributing its share of research and insight into the modern interpretation of astrology and numerology.

Many western counterparts too have immensely worked in bridging the esoteric astrology of India to Modern Scientific Interpretation. In this age of Aquarius, metaphysics holds the highest regard of all sciences. And, the very approach to metaphysics is in direct relation with human condition and suffering. Astrologers and Numerologist in India  are working to closely examine the evolution of individual consciousness and consciousness of celestial bodies to determine the pattern of life in earth. This path breaking approach is commendable, because till 20th century most astrologers have viewed celestial bodies as independent entity and not as individual consciousness.

By the end of 21st century, the whole perception of space and celestial bodies may change owing to the research and ardent work of savant astrology community of the world.


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