Numerology Analysis Of Usain Bolt & Yohan Blake


Numerology Analysis Of Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake

Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are the current two world’s best runner. Usain Bolt – The king of sprint and the worlds fastest man is the first man in Olympic history to successfully defend his 100 m and 200 m crown. The world of sprint has taken a wow after the splendid arrival of Bolt in the Beijing Olympics. From then on, his electric presence both on and off the track has earned him respect, and numerous awards including the most entertaining athlete. In this post we will be going over the Numerology Analysis Of Usain Bolt as well as Yohan Blake – two amazing athletes.

Following his counterpart, Yohan is the latest sensation in athletics who is also the current world champion. The success of these two men in numerology aspect is very interesting and hold many similarity. In fact, numerology analysis of these two athletes has shown the defining success factor in Olympics. Many athletes have fared well in their own sport, but when it comes to the popularity and sheer success in the most important arena such as Olympics or world championship, only few dominate it regularly. Even among them, the adulation is reserved only for select like Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt was born on august 21st 1986, whose , his name number comes to 32, which is the best number he could have. as i have repeated in many posts, person with life path 8 or birth number 8 with name number 5 such as 23,32,41,50 can achieve great success in their respective field. This is one of the stellar example. Roger Federer comes 50 and he is also 8 born.  Both Usain and bolt comes 16, which adds to 32 as whole name. This unique combination gives tremendous energy to the individual which can be only converted into physical exertion, the result is what see on the track.

The sheer raw force and energy comes with  a downside, that is unsuccessful/incompatible relationship with opposite sex, and so far Usain Bolt is single. To be successful in athletics, especially running, long jump, and high jump, one should have presence of mercurial number and moon based number as these two are most swift and fastest moving. Numbers like 23, 32, 20, 27, 72, 46, 37 are very successful.

Yohan Blake who is the world champion at present, was born on 26th December 1989, and Yohan Blake comes 32 in numerology. Two of the worlds current best sprinters share same numerology name value and both are 8 ruled. Yohan Blake who is nick named as Beast may even break records in 200 m and 100 m in near future as he is the ideal successor of bolt. Unlike Bolt, Yohan with first name as 19 is more romantic like persona who enjoys being in limelight with pretty ladies. He is natural charmer and extremely humorous.  The Great Michael Johnson has name  number 55 and legendary Carl Lewis has name number 27 (9+18). It should be noted that the legacy of Carl Lewis will be unlikely to be surpassed for many decades to come as his succe ss was greatly attributed to his most powerful martian number 27.


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