Daily Tarot Card Readings


Daily tarot readings are a quick, simple way to check out what sort of day you can expect to have today or to see what things will be like tomorrow. There are two main types of daily readings, the single card and the three card spread. The single card reading is done very quickly and gives you a brief overview of what the focus of your day will be, while the three card spread looks at three areas of concern, that you chose to focus on, to see what to expect.

What’s a single card daily tarot?

A single card reading is done by shuffling the deck of tarot cards, then holding the deck between your hands and taking a moment to focus your thoughts and heart. Taking a moment for brief meditation helps your energy connect to the cards. Ask your spirit guide for guidance in facing the day ahead during this period of pause. When you are ready, set the deck down in front of you and cut to the left. Restack the deck, then turn over the top card. This is the card of the day. It is your guide for what to expect. Be sure you return the card to the deck and reshuffle even though you’ll be shuffling again the next morning.

When you do any sort of daily tarot you’ll want to keep a journal of your readings so that you can look back over the patterns that your guide has given you and see the journey you have been on. You can even come back to the journal in the evening and write comments on important things that happened for later comparison.

You will also want to take the time to get to know the different meanings of the cards which you can do so by clicking here. Though the deck of major and minor arcana is a bit large, having a basic understanding of the different meanings will help you quickly do a daily reading. Plus, consider allowing reversed cards to appear in your daily readings! This is a good way to get a fuller and more specific understanding of what may be coming.

What about three card readings?

Three card readings are used for a slightly more in-depth look at what is coming. These readings can be used to answer any three related questions such as, “What do I think about a situation, what do I feel about the situation, and what do I do about the situation”, or “What should I aspire to, what is standing in my way, how do I overcome this obstacle”. You can also look for quick answers to opportunities, challenges and outcomes, what options you have available to you and a three card reading will give you a chance to look at relationship questions as well.

To do a three card spread you shuffle the deck and take a moment to focus on your set of questions. Take the time to still your mind and give your full attention to the questions you want answered. Set the deck down and cut to the left, just as in the single card reading. Then, deal out the three cards. The card to the left is the first question, the middle card the middle question, and the right card is most often the solution.


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