The Value of Money Spells


Money spells are used to help bring better finances to yourself or someone else. But using money spells should be done with caution. We tend to view money as an object to be possessed and want to keep it all for ourselves. This can make casting a money spell dangerous as negative intention behind a spell can cause all sorts of negative energy backlash when it is released into the universe. Instead, make sure your money spells are positive. Change your view of money from a possession to have to that of an energy to share with others. By doing this you’ll bring wealth not just to yourself but to those around you as well. Develop both your own sense of generosity and gratitude.

Tips for Casting Money Spells

Money spells, like most spells, are most powerful when aided by certain ingredients including candles, leaves, and even the day of the week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday are the best days for casting spells on luck, generosity, money, wealth, prosperity, and fortune. When you are ready to perform you spell then you will also want to get a candle that is green in color and a leaf that is also a good, healthy green color. You will also need a permanent marker.

When you are ready to begin your spell casting you will want to begin by clearing and focusing your mind. Spend some time in meditation making sure that your focus is on the spell and your energy ready to be spent on it. When you are ready, take the permanent marker and use it to write the amount of money that you are hoping for on the leaf. Take care to try not to rip or tear it. When you’re through, set the leaf on a table, and put the candle on the leaf. Take another moment to focus your thoughts on what you are asking the universe to do, then carefully light the candle. Be sure your thoughts are focused and spend at least ten minutes meditating on the request. You want to build up the energy behind the request before you release it.

Reaping the Benefits

When you are ready to release the spell to the universe and begin receiving, carefully extinguish the candle. If you wish to spend more time on it, you can allow the candle to burn out on its own. Once the candle is extinguished, take the leaf outside and bury it. How long it will take the spell to work depends on how much energy you put behind it. You will want to be sure that your energy behind the spell is positive to avoid any negative repercussions. Always remember the law of three – whatever you send out into the universe, either positive or negative, will come back to you three times over. Be sure that when you cast your spell you are sending positive energy out for the universe to send back to you. This way you won’t suffer extra negativity and may find yourself blessed in ways you never even imagined.


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