The Social and Altruistic Pisces the Fish


Sign: Pisces the Fish
Dates: February 19th through March 20th
Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Life Pursuit: Pisces seeks to feel connected always while turning their dreams and fantasies into realities.

Pisces the Fish
Pisces the Fish

Pisces the Fish Personality:

Pisces are extremely talented, emotional, and compassionate. They will spend their whole lives trying to battle their way through their natural cycle of emotions. Unlike Gemini, this sign is always torn between two paths, truly a split personality.

Because of their deep empathy and understanding of the human condition, many Pisces turn to healing professions, closing to become doctors, nurses or social workers. They are highly sensitive and able to pick up on even subtle mood shifts. They will do anything for everyone and must be careful that this isn’t taken advantage of by others who would use this to their advantage. It’s all too easy for Pisces to be martyred by their need to make others happy.

Pisces often live in their own dream world, and struggle to make sense of the real one. They will spend more time imagining what could happen, with an unending eternal optimism, that when a situation they’ve imagined actually comes to pass it is inevitably not the way the pictured it and Pisces will find themselves drowning in disillusionment and confusion. Pisces must be careful, their emotions can easily become their downfall. They must take care to work at living in the world.


The natural intuitiveness and emotionality of this sign makes them excellent partners in both a romantic capacity and as good friends with all twelve of the other Star Signs. Pisces people are able to intuitively know what people need and often provide it before the other person is even aware their wanted it, much less had thought to ask for it. Partners, friends and family should always be aware of this and make sure that, even if they are not the recipient of such attention, that the Pisces takes time to recuperate and recover from giving so much to others.

This is an extremely introspective sign and they need people who understand this about them otherwise they end up as classic manic-depressives. They need encouragement and nurturing or they can easily become depressed and downtrodden. Partners should remember that this is a highly optimistic sign and they see the world through rose-tinted glasses. It’s important not to get frustrated with their constant need to see the world in a positive light. This sign must be sheltered from the negative aspects of the world as much as possible in order to keep them stable and to preserve their natural positivity.

Those born Pisces the Fish are best suited to relationships with other water signs, including other Pisces, Scorpio’s and Cancer’s, as well as the stable earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Though they can get along with any of the signs, Pisces are not encouraged to look to the fire and air signs. The natural out-going and flamboyant behavior of the fire signs and air signs can leave Pisces feeling confused and uncomfortable and this can cause problems with their stability.


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