The Social and Altruistic Pisces the Fish


Sign: Pisces the Fish
Dates: February 19 through March 20


  • Ruling Planet: Neptune
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Element: Water
  • Root Power: Generate change
  • Positive Traits: Empathetic, compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, imaginative, understanding
  • Negative Traits: Oversensitive, indecisive, lazy, escapist, scatterbrains, impractical
  • Likes: Dancing, romantic encounters, laughing, crying
  • Dislikes: Reality, drill sergeants, noisy music, cruelty, know it all
  • Good Day: Romantic, helpful, wise, comforting, generous, artistic, gentle
  • Bad Day:  Gets lost in the darker side of mind, anxious, isolated, gullible, self pitying, clingy, sad
  • Turn offs: People who are fake
  • Lucky Color: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
  • Lucky Day: Monday and Thursday
  • Flower: Water lily
  • Basic Trait: “I believe”
  • Quirk: They get lost in their own head with nocturnal nightmares
  • Advice: Do not let your imagination lead into trouble, stay grounded
  • Life Pursuit: Avoid feeling along and instead feel connect to others and the world at large
  • Secret Wish: To find unconditional love
  • Known for: Emotional and oversensitive dreamers and healers



Neptune is the God of the Sea. According to the Ancient Greeks, the symbol for Neptune is two fishes, Aphrodite and her son Eros. They lept into the sea to avoid Typhon, hence why they are seen intertwined. With this symbol and history, Pisces live in two worlds: reality and dream. It is in a Pisces nature to run away from monsters or conflict, though they also possess the ability to change to avoid being hurt. Also like a fish, Pisces can get entangled in a net of problems.

Day to Day

Pisces are the old soul of the zodiac and are ruled by the subconscious.This is an extremely compassionate sign that is always full of emotions. They have an almost psychic ability and their gut feelings are almost always right. This fish struggles, however, with actually following their gut all the time. This is a sign that absorbs and reflects the feelings of everyone they come in contact with. They have an inability to reject others because they do not want to hurt feelings. In fact, helping others makes them feel good. For the Pisces though, this can be their undoing as with these traits comes a gullible and addictive personality.

Pisces is governed by duality, the struggle of the spiritual soul with the physical body.  This sign has an eternal struggle to use power for positive, as they always have an inner conflict between their emotions. This allows them to be deeply creative and artistic. It also means this fish is the most impressionable of the signs. This enables them to adapt well, as they are gentle, patient, and learn from absorption.  If a Pisces has their way, what they do would not be crucial. In other words, they do not like having everything ride on what they do. Pisces keep their head in the clouds, and can get upset when reality bursts their bubble.

Pisces likes adventures and new situations, as well as social events. They are often molded by their surroundings due to their sensitive and intuitive natures. This leaves them prone to depression and dependency. This can lead to being overwhelmed in crowds or overstimulating environments. Though Pisces can be hard to pin down, even they need to find a place they can experience downtime. Otherwise they will bring themselves down through over indulgence and a knack for poor company.

This sign values human relationships above all else, though they love solitude. Their request for space must be respected. Due to their openness to others, this sign can be easily swayed by anyone who can make them understand. They are introspective, shy, and vulnerable. They prefer to be the natural observers, sitting on the sidelines. Though this sign is fragile, they also possess an inner strength and understanding of the world. They are always worried about not being good enough.

Pisces often live in their own dream world, and struggle to make sense of the real one.  This dreamer behavior results in spaciness, forgetfulness, and lack of follow through. For this reason, if they need to complete a project, they will need support. They will spend more time imagining what could happen, with an unending eternal optimism. This means that when a situation they have imagined actually comes to pass it is inevitably not the way they pictured it and Pisces will find themselves drowning in disillusionment and confusion. Pisces must be careful, their emotions can easily become their downfall. They must take care to work at living in the world.

Impact of Element, Quality, and Planet

Pisces is a Water element. This means they are a mysterious, complex, emotional sign. They will be in their own world a lot and do not accept limitations. Water’s impact on Pisces is to create the ultimate emotional ocean. The water further opens this signs heart to others and their struggles. This combined with the mutable quality allows this Fish to be adapters. They have the perfect critical eye. The mutable quality also strengthens Pisces compassionate and sensitive nature. This emotional understanding activates success through understanding of others and an ability to improve life. Neptune is the ruling planet, resulting in an imaginative daydreamer. Neptune also carries with it a temper.


Pisces are deeply spiritual and have a lot to give in any relationship. Like a Siren, Pisces can easily lure others into their depths. They are charming and magical. Those partnering in any way with a Pisces must be cautious they are not left in the emotional waves.

Once a Pisces is connected, they will go out of their way to help their friend. Partners, friends, and family should always be aware of this. Friends and family need to know even if they are not the recipient of such attention, the Pisces takes time to recuperate and recover from giving so much to others. They are loyal and will make their friends’ problems their own. This will be a fulfilling, long lasting friendship, provided the other half is determined. Pisces need strong, positive influences in their lives. This will help them stay grounded, as well as prevent them from focusing too much on fantasy. This sign must be sheltered from the negative aspects of the world as much as possible in order to keep them stable and to preserve their natural positivity.

They bruise easy and rarely forgive. This is a sign that does not like conflict, and they will let a relationship of any kind go in order to avoid it. They need encouragement and nurturing or they can easily become depressed and downtrodden. Partners should remember that this is a highly optimistic sign and they see the world through rose-tinted glasses. It is important not to get frustrated with their constant need to see the world in a positive light.


Pisces men are ultimate romantics. Unfortunately, this also means they are looking for the ideal romantic relationship that is impossible to live up to. They need someone who can keep them grounded and guide them. Pisces men are prone to making poor decisions and therefore need a partner who can guide them down the right path.
Pisces the Fish

Pisces women are captivating and fascinating. They need a protector and a leader. They are not easy to fool so do not waste your time trying. This fish will leave if they feel they are being lied to. Patience and sympathy are required when partnering with a Pisces woman.


Pisces want unconditional love. Though this sign is charming and likeable, they are also difficult to understand. Pisces needs a dominant partner to keep them out of their self pity spiral and stay grounded. They want partners who appreciate arts and are in touch with their spiritual side. As they are comfortable with their own emotions, their partners need to be too.This sign wants a relationship where they can safely open their hearts. There will never be a dull moment in this relationship and it will always be filled with romantic gestures.

The natural intuitiveness of this sign makes them excellent partners in both a romantic capacity and as good friends with all twelve of the other Star Signs. They are highly compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Pisces people are able to easily know what people need and often provide it before the other person is even aware they wanted it, much less had thought to ask for it.


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