False Twin Flame – A Time Sink?


Nothing could be more devastating than believing you’ve found your Twin Flame only for it to turn out to be false. This relationship is meant to be the pinnacle of the soul; two halves of the same person reuniting and becoming one once more. But don’t allow yourself to worry or become discouraged. Sometimes a false twin flame can lead us to our soulmate, to a good friendship, and even in the case of a bad relationship we can walk away with knew knowledge and understanding. For some people a false twin is even the universes way of clearing out emotional wounds and other spiritual blockages that would have prevented you from meeting your true Twin Flame.

False Twin Flame – A Time Sink?

What is a False Twin Flame?

Understanding the answer to this question is an important part of keeping your spirit open to all the potentials a relationship with a false twin can bring your own way. Firstly, a false twin is not an automatically negative, bad or painful relationship. In fact, the reason you may end up in a relationship with your false twin flame is because everything is so perfect and wonderful you cannot believe that they are anything else! The reason for this is that a false twin flame is meant to be a torch-bearer or herald for the true Twin Flame. They are a karmic drain cleaner brought into your life to clean out all the emotional sludge. This relationship should be helping to heal you, exposing you to a normal, loving relationship to get you ready for the fulfillment of meeting your true Twin Flame. In fact, in the ideal situation you won’t even realize they are a false twin flame until they are about to transition out of your life to make way for the real Twin Flame.

It is very important to take the time to point out the danger of individuals that have narcissistic personality disorder and how they can easily take advantage of those who are looking for their true Twin Flame and may set themselves up as a false Twin Flame. Remember, a true false twin flame is not intended to hurt you. They aren’t there to create a dangerous or harmful relationship, but to help you spiritually awaken, to step up into your true power and realize your purpose, to assist you in overcoming insecurities. A narcissist will hurt you. There are a quick handful of signs that you may be in a relationship with a narcissist that is imitating a false twin flame.

Major Signs False Twin Flames Exhibit

Controlling behavior – they won’t let you spend time with others and instead guard you and your affection jealously and possibly even aggressively.

Lack of Emotional Availability – they constantly have excuses for why they expect you to be open and vulnerable but they are never open and vulnerable themselves.

Punishing Silence – they never have time to give you attention, but expect you to drop everything for them and may even punish you with things like ‘silent treatment’ if you don’t give them the attention they want when they want it.

Abusive Behavior – remember, a false flame is not meant to cause harm and a real Twin Flame will always treat you with love and kindness. If your partner is treating you poorly then leave. You deserve better.

Seeing Other People – Unless you’ve openly discussed polyamory don’t let them use this to trick you!

What They Say vs. What You See – if what they say is totally different than how they actually treat you then please step away from them and begin your search again. This is especially true if you how they treat and speak to others is different from how they treat you at home. If they’re kinder to a stranger than their own partner this is a bad sign.

Lack of Forgiveness and Understanding – a false Twin Flame is meant to help you grow. They will recognize that everyone makes mistakes and work with you to help you learn from them. Harsh accusations, starting fights and playing the victim are all signs of a narcissist at work, not a false one. They’ll leave you trying to live up to unrealistic expectations and then tear you down when you can’t meet them.

If you find that this partner you thought was your True Twin Flame is instead bringing out the worst in you, forcing you to give up part of who you are to make them feel okay about who they are, and is using up all your time and energy then they aren’t a False Twin Flame, they are a narcissist and you should run from the relationship as quickly as possible.

A real false Twin Flame will instead encourage you spiritually awaken. They’ll bring up the past to help you clear up your karma, they’ll teach you to be self-reliant without being negatively selfish. You’ll be similar and you’ll probably enjoy their company but that feeling of ‘home’ won’t be there and you’ll have a little nagging doubt that keeps you cautious. In areas of your life where you would think that a Twin Flame would have the exact same ideals you’ll find that a False Twin Flame is always thinking something just a bit different than you. You’ll be more okay with waking up alone and the idea of moving on after them won’t be too earth-shaking. All of this is just to help prepare you for the real relationship you’ll develop with your true Twin Flame. You’ll be able to recognize the false twin flame signs, and that will help you identify your true Twin Flame much more clearly and easily. You can learn more about what kind of relationship traits you are most compatible with over at our compatibility section here: https://astronlogia.com/horoscopes/love-horoscope-compatibility/


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