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It’s often the first thought of teenage girls when they learn that there’s a mystical set of star charts that are able to divine the outcomes of life – When will I meet the love of my life? They graduate from folded paper fortune tellers to tarot cards and astrological predictions in the back pages of newspapers but understanding when you will meet your soulmate based on astrology is far more complex than a few sentences in a magazine could ever hope to express.

When Will I Meet My Husband – Astrology Info

Important Steps in Meeting Your Husband According To Astrology

The most important step in figuring out when you will meet your soulmate is to have an in-depth astrological chart created for you based on the date, time and location of your birth. This is a crucially important step if you’re trying to answer the question ‘When will I meet my future husband’ as knowing the location of Jupiter at the time of your birth. Why Jupiter? Jupiter is the ruling planet for love if you’re a woman! Think of it this way, if you’re wondering when will I meet my husband based on astrology then men are looking for their goddess Venus while women are looking for their god Jupiter!

Once you have your astrology chart you can begin by locating where Jupiter is in relation to the other astrological signs. Looking for the sign your Jupiter is found in will help you identify what type of partner may be your soulmate according to astrology. For example, a person with a Jupiter found in Aries will want a partner that is super adventurous and struggles to keep still. Is your Jupiter found in Sagittarius? Then your soulmate is someone you can learn from; maybe even coming from a completely different country or totally different culture.

The Next Steps..

After you’ve discovered which astrological sign your Jupiter is located in, you can move to the second step – figuring out what house Jupiter is living in. The house that Jupiter is found in helps you to discover under what circumstances you may find your future husband based on astrology. If you find that Jupiter is in your first house then your best chances of finding your husband will be to simply live your life. You’ll likely bump into them doing the same errands you do on a regular basis. Is Jupiter in your second house? This means that you’ll probably find your husband while dealing with finances. Did you find Jupiter in your third house? People that have Jupiter in their third house learn that their husband is either someone that lives in their community or someone that they may meet through siblings or neighbors. However, if Jupiter is found in your 4th house then keep an eye out for guys that your mother knows! Mom’s are key to finding your soulmate using astrology if Jupiter is in the 4th house.

Is Jupiter in your fifth house? Start spending time at art shows, go to museums, and take the time to enjoy different forms of entertainment like concerts or movies! Those with Jupiter in the 6th house should maintain their regular routine and make sure they’re taking time to enjoy their hobbies! An air of mystery surrounds a love found when Jupiter is in the 7th house. You’ll find your partner through work related events or through something that requires an RSVP like a wedding or formal dinner. Those with Jupiter in the 8th house will connect with their partner on a psychic level long before they realize that they’ve fallen for their charms. Is someone sticking in your thoughts? Just can’t seem to ‘wash that man right out of your hair’? Check to see if Jupiter is in your 8th house! He may be the man for you.

When Jupiter is in the 9th house it means that a husband will be found while you are pursuing some form of higher education, or while you are out exploring your dreams. Maybe you’ve decided to take a religious journey? All of these may open the door to meeting the companion of your dreams. If Jupiter is in your 10th house then be prepared for your father to become a match-maker or for your career to go through a sudden upheaval. Did you find Jupiter in your 11th house? These matches can start online, or at a casual party. You’ll find your match when you are out having a good time with friends or looking for someone to hang out with online. Those with Jupiter in the 12th house will find that they have met their husband in a quiet, spiritual fashion. Many who meet under these circumstances meet while volunteering or during a hospital stay.

If you’re wondering when you will meet your soulmate then Vedic astrology is the way to go. In addition to finding the sign and house that Jupiter will be in, you will want to have a vedic astrology chart drawn up so that you can see where Jupiter transits over the 7th house lord. Vedic astrology is the type of astrology that is most common in cultures from India. While this method of tracking Jupiter through the 7th house lord is not always completely accurate it can give you a place to start when you’re trying to figure out exactly when you should start looking for your husband.



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