Should I try a Virtual Tarot?


Virtual tarot is not the best way to get an accurate reading. The best tarot readings are done by people that can physically contact you, whether by hearing your voice or holding your hand. Making that connection helps to strengthen the energy and spirit connection which helps the cards turn out the answers that are necessary and appropriate.

Will a Virtual Tarot Provide Answers?

Virtual tarot can certainly provide answers, but what makes it great is the sense of mystery that it offers. Rather than interacting with a person sitting across from you, virtual tarot gives you that feeling that you are genuinely reaching out to the universe, to something beyond your senses, and asking it to provide you with wisdom and guidance.

One of the greatest benefits of finding a good virtual tarot is that it helps you learn the meanings of the cards and the ways in which they interact with one another. There are 78 cards in the tarot deck, so learning what each of them mean is important if you ever wanted to learn how to read tarot on your own.

How can I find a good Virtual Tarot Reader?

Finding a good virtual tarot can be a bit of a challenge. There are certainly a wide number of websites that offer virtual readings, but wading through the options can be a bit difficult. You’ll want to look most importantly for websites that look reputable, additionally there are lots of good, free virtual tarot options out there. You don’t need to pay for a tarot card reading online! Next you’ll want to decide if you want to register to use the online tarot card reading or if you would rather use an option that doesn’t require you to give out personal information like your name and email address. Be sure if you sign up to use a website that they keep your information secure. Some websites offer a smaller reading without registering and then if you register with them they will offer a more in-depth reading.

Consider these…

Before you go for a free virtual tarot reading you might want to consider learning about the different tarot layouts and what they can show you. Going into a virtual tarot reading without an understanding of the layouts available may make it difficult for you to understand what the reading is telling you. Each layout gives the cards different weights and purposes. For example, a simple three card layout is used to answer three questions. These questions could be a problem, the cause of the problem and how to fix it, or situation, the action you should take and the outcome that you will receive. If you can put together three related questions like that before you ask the program to shuffle and deal your cards then you’ll receive an accurate reading because you understood what the reading was intended to provide. Some free virtual tarot readings use more complex layouts such as the horseshoe which shoes past events, present events, the immediate future, your attitude, any other influences, obstacles you will face and the likely outcome. But if you don’t know how the cards are read, and a guide isn’t provided, you could become lost trying to understand what the reading is saying!


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