Minor Arcana – Swords


In the minor arcana it is important to note that the face cards can often mean a physical person coming into your life. Their physical appearance may be similar to that of the face card, but this isn’t always the case. The person will be coming into your life to bring a message and may stay, but may also leave soon after. Minor Arcana Swords is an intriguing suite and should be a part of a comprehensive Tarot card reading.

Minor Arcana Swords – Tarot Card Meanings

  • Ace of Swords – The Ace signifies a new beginning but it is one that is going to require some kind of separation in your life, either a relationship or a job. This can be stressful but is necessary.
  • Two of Swords – This is a card of partnership with one person as opposed to a group of people and display a need for balance. You need to give and take in your relationship and this card is a warning that you may be out of balance.
  • Three of Swords – There is an element of sorrow to this card, but it’s not all bad news. Remember that sorrow can be made better with understanding and joy. Embrace the sorrow this card brings so that you can move beyond it in the future.
  • Four of Swords – This card means that you, or someone close to you, will be withdrawing from society soon, or that they need to. It can signify illness and hospitalization or even jail. It is a definite signifier to give people space so that they can get their life in order.
  • Five of Swords – This is a card of mixed feelings. It is telling you that you have a few people in particular that you aren’t sure about. Don’t take this card as a pass to say what you think and feel. Be cautious. Pick and choose your battles carefully or you may lose everything you care about.
  • Six of Swords – This is a card of light change, a call to travel! You need to look into yourself and get away. Take the time to figure out who and what you want to be!
  • Seven of Swords – This card is a warning that someone may be acting in a less than honest fashion. If you think it involves you you’re probably right, but if not, leave them alone. Don’t give in to the impulse to spy.
  • Eight of Swords – A card of action, the eight demands you stop being afraid of the unknown and instead go forth and face it. The situations are not as dire as you make them appear through imaginings.
  • Nine of Swords – This card tells you that you are worried about something or afraid of something. It tells you to look closely at your fears and take a deep breath, there are solutions.
  • Ten of Swords – The ten of swords is a warning to be careful of where you place your trust.
  • Page of Swords – The Page is a warning that you may be pushing others too hard and need to take a step back, stop pushing and learn to read body language. It also is a warning that a message is coming and you probably won’t like what it has to say.
  • Knight of Swords – The Knight is a positive omen. He brings a message of excitement, a chance to travel or get things in your life accomplished.
  • Queen of Swords – The Queen is a call to go for what you want. Get out there and seek your hearts desire. Your instincts are serving you well, but remember to listen to them so you don’t step on others’ toes.
  • King of Swords – This is a sign that a man in your life is being particularly stubborn and you may need to change your method of dealing with him in order to get him to consider things from your point of view.


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