Tips for finding Accurate Horoscopes


Accurate horoscopes can be difficult to find, in no small part because people aren’t exactly sure how a horoscope is supposed to work. A majority of people check their horoscope every day, but most of them aren’t getting the right information which can lead to frustration. Getting an accurate horoscope is easy, if you understand how horoscopes work and how to read your horoscope to get the most out of the information you have available to you.

Where Can I Find Accurate Horoscopes?

When a person reads their horoscope online or in the paper, they are most likely basing the decision of which horoscope to read on their sun sign, or the sign that covers the day they were born. A good horoscope, however, is far more in depth than just the day you were born. To get a more accurate reading from a quick horoscope you will need to have an astrological chart done that tracts the different influences of your horoscope based on the date, time and location of your birth. These three things mean that the alignment of the stars and planets in your charge can change their effects on your sun sign.

The key to getting an accurate horoscope is knowing what your rising sign is. Your rising sign is the sign that is found on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, and it is your rising sign that determines how everything else in your life is affected. The sign on the Eastern horizon can only be determined if you have a natal birth chart that has been calculated using the date, the exact time, and the location, both latitude and longitude, of your birth. Your rising sign is terribly important because it is the primary influence on your sun sign. Each of the signs is connected to an element and the elements all interact with one another in different ways. If, for example, you are a fire sign, but your rising sign is a water sign, this will have a completely different influence on your life than if you just looked at your sun sign.

Things to Consider

When considering a daily horoscope you can certainly look at the horoscope for your sun sign, but if you want a more accurate horoscope you absolutely must also look at the horoscope for your rising sign. Remember, daily horoscopes done online or in a newspaper are incredibly general and apply to everyone else that shares that sign with you. This is what leads so many people to dismiss them as inaccurate, they are missing the biggest piece of their personal horoscope puzzle!

Accurate horoscopes need the rising sun to provide the whole picture. Daily horoscopes focus less on the individual but instead on the general personality of the entire group of people that fall under that particular sign. Once you have learned what your rising sign is, you can get a general feel of the day from your sun sign horoscope, but a more specific description of what is headed in your direction by checking out the horoscope for your rising sign!


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