Five Top UFO and Alien Sightings


Alien sightings have been noted on every continent in the world. There are stories from all across the globe of strange lights in the sky and other terrifying supernatural experiences. Some are more famous than others, and harder to disprove. Here are the top alien sighting stories.

Popular Alien Sightings

1. The Lubbock Lights
Where: Lubbock, Texas, USA
When: 1951
Time of Day: Evening
On an evening in August, 1951, three professors from Texas Tech were outdoors and looked up to see a line of lights in a vague chevron formation flying above them at very high speed. They weren’t the only ones to witness it, over the course of a few days dozens of other citizens of Lubbock saw the lights as well and one person even photographed them. While some believe that the lights were just the results of streetlamps reflecting off birds, those who were present in Lubbock argue this isn’t the case as they know the lights were flying too fast to be birds!

2. The Tehran Incident
Where: Tehran, Iran
When: 1976
Time of Day: Night
September of 1976 saw a sudden burst of phone calls from citizens concerned about a bright light in the sky. A US fighter jet was scrambled to go out and investigate, but as it approached the light the instruments in the jet blacked out and the pilot was forced to return to base. A second pilot was sent and got close enough to achieve radar lock. As he approached, he saw the UFO release a bright light and assumed it was a missile heading for him. He began to perform evasive maneuvers when his instruments malfunctioned and he witnessed the UFO release another bright light that it shot towards the ground. He safely returned to base and later US and Iranian officials performed an investigation. Some people believe that the sighting was a combination of Jupiter being seen from space, a meteor shower, and the typical electrical problems that plagued the F-4 fighter jets. Others believe this is simply too much coincidence to be believable.

3. The Rendlesham Forest Lights
Where: RAF Bases at Woodbridge and Bentwaters over Rendlesham Forest, United Kingdom
When: 1980
Time of Day: Early Morning
Early morning in December, US Air Force members stationed at RAF bases in the United Kingdom saw lights fall to the earth near Rendlesham Forest. They entered the forest to investigate and claimed to see a metallic object moving around and giving off light. Local police were called but by the time they arrived they didn’t see anything but the light of a nearby lighthouse. Markings discovered in daylight were though to support the claim. Later, more servicemen returned to investigate and claimed that they saw three bright lights in the sky that shined on them for hours. Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt recorded his observations as they investigated but no official investigation was made, and the lights and markings have been passed off by many as stars in the sky and animals rooting in the dirt.

4. The Belgium Wave
Where: Belgium
When: 1989 – 1990
Time of Day: Any
The Belgium Wave is one of the largest UFO sightings in the modern era- about 13,500 people are estimated to have seen the UFO’s and there are more than 2600 witness statements about them. They were reported as large, triangular shapes in the sky. When F-16 fighter jets were sent out to investigate they were able to lock onto the shapes with their radars but were unable to visually confirm them. While chasing them down to try and see them, the UFO’s flew so quickly that the jets were unable to keep up. Originally the Belgian government reached out to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence for investigation help, but since they UFO’s seemed to be benign they stopped investigations.

5. The Sao Paulo Sighting
Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
When: 1986
Time of Day: Unknown
When 20 UFO’s were detected all over in Brazilian air space, military jets were sent to intercept them. Once they jets began to give chase, all the objects simply disappeared! A space researcher has argued that the UFO’s were probably debris from a Soviet space station as it re-entered the atmosphere, but people just aren’t quite sure they believe that.

Many other paranormal activities are being reported every day, but those are the top five most famous to date. What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced anything that’s just flat out inexplicable?


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