Numerology Readings Week By Week


Weekly numerology forecasts are based on your yearly number, and this number is different than your Life Path number! How do you determine your yearly number? Take your birth date and then add the current year to it! For example, someone born on August 5th would get their yearly number by adding:

8 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6

Then you will replace the birth year with the current year. Then you add together, as normal, until single digits are reached. This yearly number is the one that you will use when looking at weekly and daily horoscopes. Your yearly number may be the same or different from your life path number and will change every single year, increasing by one until it reaches nine, then the following year returning to one again. For a daily reading you’ll take your yearly number and add it to the date, then reduce to a single digit again for your daily number.

Utilizing Frequent Numerology Readings

Weekly numerology is a great tool, but without also reading yearly and monthly reports you may find yourself a bit lost. They provide context for weekly and daily readings and no part should be considered without the whole, this includes using yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily readings without also knowing your life path horoscope. All of these numbers work together to show you a picture of what is going on both within you and your life and how the outside world is influencing you. If you have close friends and family that you interact with frequently then you will want to look at their yearly, weekly and monthly numerology as well. Knowing what everyone is going through is a good way to know how other’s lives will affect yourself.

Remember that each week has its own number and that this number from week to week will not always be the same as yours. Your weekly numerology number is based on your birthdate while the global weekly number is based on its single digit position, for example week 52 of the year is a seven week because 5 + 2 = 7. Likewise it’s important to know that years and months have globals that you should be able to use to gather a broader scope for your yearly number and monthly numbers. The year 2017, for example, is a one year and so everyone’s yearly, monthly and weekly numerology horoscopes should be read in the ‘beginning’s and new changes’ excitement of being in a one year.

Staying Up To Date On Weekly Horoscopic Readings

If you are looking for the best place to find your weekly numerology horoscope, consider places that update their weekly horoscopes on the first day of the absolute week. The absolute week is determined by the first day of the year. So, if the first day of the year falls on a Sunday then the absolute week will begin on a Sunday and you will get your best usefulness out of numerology horoscopes that are released on Sunday so that you have the whole week to be prepared for rather than receiving an update halfway through it.


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