Psychic Test


A psychic test is a test that is done to see how psychic you are. There are two main types of psychic tests – the color wheel test and the Zener cards. There are a number of other tests that may look for different types of psychic ability, but these two are the most common and best known. Both of these tests can be done in online versions from your own home, but some psychics may struggle with this method as the lack of humanity in the computer makes it difficult for them to do any sort of reading as they would be able to do on a person sitting across a table from them.

Psychic Test Color Wheel

The color wheel psychic test involves looking at a wheel that is divided into eight different pieces. Each piece is a different color. When you are working with a live person, they will look at the color wheel and choose a color, keeping their choice to themselves. You then look at the wheel and attempt to pyschically connect with them and choose what color they picked. When doing the color wheel test on a computer, the computer will select a color and then you have to use your psychic skills to determine which color the computer chose. When the color wheel test, your scores are determined by how close to the actual color you were. If you’re correct you receive four points, if you’re one color off you get three points, two colors away get two points, three away get one point. You show psychic ability if your score is higher than twenty with ten guesses.

Zener Cards

The Zener cards is a psychic test that measures your ESP with a set of five cards. Each card has an image on it. The most common images are a circle, a cross, a set of three wavy lines, a square, and a star. The shapes are simple, and may be colored. When the test is performed with another person, they randomly draw a card and look at it. While they are looking at the card, you try to see what they are seeing and say which card it is they are looking at. The test is done similarly when done with a computer: the computer chooses a card, and then you try to establish using your psychic skills which card has been drawn.

Both of the psychic tests depend on some level of remote viewing ability or training. You need to be able to see or sense what card is showing or what color has been picked. This requires you to connect psychically with either the person or the computer. The higher your score in either of these tests, the more attuned to your psychic abilities you may be. With the color wheel test you will want to limit yourself to ten tries and then add that score and with the Zener cards you want to give twenty five tries. These should give you a good gauge of how developed your psychic skills are, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t score well. A number of different things, from training to state of mind can affect your minds ability to work psychically.


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