Psychic Dreams


While everyone has dreams, psychic dreams are a bit different. Sometimes you may wake up and feel like the dream you just had was more than simply the wanderings of your mind, but a warning or a vision! Psychic dreams feel very much like this. These are the dreams that you have that give you information or guidance that your brain is more able to accept and receive because in your sleep you have less logic and more emotion – you’re better able to accept emotional truths because your brain isn’t there to logic the truth away. Our sleeping mind is open to the messages from the universe and waiting to receive them.

Types of Psychic Dreams

There are three types of psychic dreams: precognitive dreams, telepathic dreams, and clairvoyant dreams. Precognitive dreams can range from simple to complex and often lead to the sense of deja vu, that feeling of having been somewhere before. One of the best ways to keep track of precognitive dreams is to keep a dream journal. These dreams can often be difficult to distinguish from other dreams and a dream journal will help you when you have that deja vu moment have a reference back to the dream. Telepathic dreams are dreams where we communicate with the spirits in our lives in a way that allows them to communicate back to us. These spirits could be lost loved ones, our spirit guides, angels or even a pet that has passed on. They are incredibly real and vivid and often leave you with a sense of having truly been in the presence of the loved one when you wake, even if you know they are gone. Visitation dreams fall under this category. Clairvoyant dreams are often rich in symbolism and metaphor, they offer insights into the future and are usually an excellent marker of the emergence of clairvoyant abilities. Again, a dream journal is an excellent way to keep track of these sorts of dreams.

Dreams vs Psychic Dreams

You may not be sure if the dreams you’re experiencing are psychic dreams. There are some definite signs that your dreams are psychic dreams. First, your dream will bring you knowledge you couldn’t have had before hand! Always keep a dream journal on hand to write these sorts of dreams down. Record every detail you can remember because the universe is trying to send you a message. Psychic dreams are also incredibly vivid – so real you feel as though you really, truly are in the experience. Many consider them to be lucid dreaming or a form of astral travel. While certain life conditions, such as medication or a sudden rise in stress, can cause vivid dreams or nightmares, psychic dreams are not brought on by these things. While it’s certainly a good idea to record those as well, for the most part they are simply your brain trying to adjust or decompress new information in your life. Psychic dreams are a gift from the universe to help you prepare for the future, connect with important information, and help others navigate the road ahead.


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