Tarot Love Cards Meaning


All of the tarot love cards and spreads have different meanings, but if you’re looking to for tarot love meanings then you’ll want to understand what each of the suits means when asking love related questions.

Tarot Love Cards Meaning

Tarot Love Cards – Major Arcana

Most people tend to take the Major Arcana at face value, but their meanings are often much more subtle – after all, if you drew the card of death and knew you were going to die that would go against the most basic principle of tarot and astrology – that everything is simply a sign of what’s ahead, not a definition of what will be. Rather than being a sign of impending death, the Death card means the end of something which, in turn, means something new will be beginning. And while this ending may be painful, and may cause grief, there is always the bright hope that the new beginning will also come with healing. Tarot love meaning is much the same way. When you do a single card reading for an answer over a relationship, here is what the cards may be saying to you:

Major Arcana Cards

Should You pursue a relationship with the person of interest?

  • The Fool – Yes, but don’t ask for a commitment from them!
  • The Magician – Yes!
  • The High Priestess – There is too much unclear, caution advised.
  • The Empress – Yes! This is a great match!
  • The Emperor – Yes, but be warned he must be in charge.
  • The Heirophant – Absolutely! Soul mate alert!
  • The Lovers – Communication and boundaries should be established before pursuing.
  • The Chariot – No, the other person has no time for you right now.
  • Strength – If you’re looking for a good time go for it!
  • The Hermit – No. You should instead take some time to focus on yourself and learn from your mistakes.
  • The Wheel of Fortune – This relationship could go well, or it could go poorly. If you’re feeling lucky, then you should go for it, but if you’re hesitant then wait.
  • Justice – Legal issues may prevent this match from working.
  • The Hanged Man – The situation may need a new perspective. If you can work together to achieve this then yes, if not then no.
  • Death – No. This relationship will not be successful.
  • Temperance – You need to heal first for this relationship to be a success.
  • The Devil – Not recommended; there may be issues with co-dependency.
  • The Tower – No; the Divine itself has declared that this match will not work.
  • The Star – Yes! The stars themselves have declared this match a success!
  • The Moon – There may be deception involved, proceed with caution.
  • The Sun – There are no clouds in the sky to overshadow this relationship, go for it!
  • Judgement – This relationship might work out, but both of you must be willing to work together and leave the past in the past.
  • The World – You have found your soulmate and you two are ready to be together!

Minor Arcana by Suit

  • Pentacles – In general a pentacles card means that the relationship must have security for you to work because you need security to be at your best in a relationship.
  • Swords – Your partner must show understanding for you or you cannot communicate honestly with them and form a connection.
  • Wands – Make sure the person is able to spark your passion and is someone you consistently have fun with.
  • Cups – You’re looking for your muse. If this person inspires you then a relationship may be successful.


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