How to Become a Witch


The internet is full of articles about how to become a witch, but many of them are written by people who not only don’t understand the purpose of witchcraft, but also seem to have read far too many fantasy novels. To become a witch, first you need to understand some things about it. First, while witchcraft is a spiritual tradition, it is not a religion. A common misconception is that to be a good witch you have to be Wiccan, that all Wiccan’s are witches, and that is simply not true. While many witches may choose to be Wiccan and many who follow Wicca practice witchcraft, neither is a requirement of the other. It’s also important to understand that magic isn’t like what you see in the movies. You’re never going to wave a magic wand and see sparks shoot out the end. If you saw a movie that inspired you to explore witchcraft there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone starts their journey in a unique way, but make sure your expectations of what will happen are reasonable.

How to Become a Witch

Witch and Witchcraft Basics

Just as witchcraft will never work like it does in the movies, it’s very important to understand that there is a reason movies never try to discuss how magic works – they just don’t understand how it works. In fact, those who have learned how to become a witch have differing opinions among themselves about what magic is and how it works. Some believe that it’s a spiritual force, others that it is a natural force similar to gravity, others believe that it is simply a part of our natural world that science hasn’t managed to measure yet. All, however, agree that it is a type of energy that they can feel and know exists but simply lack the ability to explain what it is or even what it looks like. Because of this, it helps witches practice their magic when they have tools at their disposal such as gems, wands, cauldrons and spell circles.

Types of Witches

There are many different types of witches to learn about if you want to know how to become a witch. Green witches are those focused on earth and nature magic. Hedge witches are also nature based but tend to be more shamanistic in their ritual and focus much of their attention on women’s health and healing. An eclectic witch is a witch who has taken a little bit of something from all the different types of witch craft; this type of witch will vary wildly from other witches of the same type because they will have picked up spells that they were good at regardless of what type of magical family it came from. Kitchen witches are those who focus on herbs and plants that are found in their everyday life.

Tools for Witches

If you want to become a witch you will need some tools. These tools are important in helping you guide the magic and your own energy into your spells. Most witches will need to start out with a cauldron, a mortar and pestle, herbs, an athame and salt. But remember, while these things are certainly helpful, they are not required to cast a spell. If you cannot acquire all the items you want, try working on small spells that can be empowered with a little focus and meditation as you gather your supplies.


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