Gemini Rising


The three most important pieces of your zodiac are your sun sign, your moon sign, and your ascendant. Each of these gives you the meat of what can be found in your astrological chart but it’s your ascendant that expresses the way you will interact with the world around you and what your personal journey is meant to be.

Gemini Rising

A Gemini rising ascendant is found in those who see the world as a place to grow, to learn, and to explore. They are similar to those with a rising Sagittarius, but instead of being interested in the universe as a whole, those with an ascendant Gemini are insatiably curious about the people and social interactions around them. They love to mingle, whether in large groups or in an intimate group of friends. There are two types of ascendant Gemini – one that is a social butterfly, bubbly and friendly. This rising Gemini draws people to them with quirky but fun conversations and interactions. They love to talk, to explain and to explore. The other Gemini is more cool and detached, witty and clever, but they can come off as a bit sharp rather than fun.

Interestingly, both Gemini are often labeled intelligent but odd as children and struggle with an upbringing that may seem cold and distant. They seek out relationships in which they can have freedom and space, but often engage in debates and conversations as frequently as they can manage.

Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini, so it’s location throughout the sun signs has a strong influence on the rising Gemini.

Gemini Rising – Mercury In…

Aries: Those with their Mercury in Aries are the types of ascendant Gemini prone to vigorous debate and leadership. They have excellent first impressions and lead others intelligently.

Taurus: Much like a bull, a rising Gemini with Mercury in Taurus is steady, patient, and stubborn. They make up their minds and are not easily dissuaded. These are also the people who can take something someone thought up and make it a reality.

Gemini: A rising Gemini with Mercury in Gemini is quick thinking and great at improvising when the situation calls for it. They are the MacGyvers of the mind, but need to take time to slow down, think before they speak, and slow their internal dialogue.

Cancer: With an innate understanding of people, and an incredible gift for sympathy and empathy, rising Gemini with Mercury in Cancer are gifted communicators that excel at offering a compassionate ear. They must be careful, however, because when out of balance they will not be able to see other perspectives.

Leo: Bold and beautiful Mercury in Leo creates a story-teller of the ascendant Gemini. These people draw audiences to them, and while they may embellish the story to their benefit, will never leave their audience wanting and will almost always end on a laugh.

Virgo: Meticulous in thought and speech, the ascendant Gemini with Mercury in Virgo has to watch to make sure they don’t come off as too critical of those around them. Their attention to detail, efficiency, and ability to express technical details is unparalleled.

Libra: Focused on justice and harmony, these are the rising Gemini who are able to bring people together from all walks of life and help them find a common goal simply through their words. They are able to listen and express thoughts and ideas in a way that works with others.

Scorpio: You’ll find the sharpest wit among the Gemini ascendant with Mercury in Scorpio. Dry, and often dark, they are also able to find hidden truths and push past the obvious barriers to the secrets hidden behind both physical and spiritual doors.

Sagittarius: These are the people who want to travel the world spreading their truth or the truths they believe in. With wanderlust in their hearts and a passion for helping others to see the light, they must be careful not to become overly enthusiastic or allow themselves to be too naive.

Capricorn: Sharp, careful, and yet still holding a wicked sense of humor, these Gemini ascendants often speak with authority because they choose only to speak about what they know. You’ll find they are full of relevant, useful wisdom and ideas.

Aquarius: If changing the world with words is possible, then the rising Gemini with Mercury in Aquarius will be the one that does it. These people are focused on the future, finding new ways to adapt, evolve and grow and then teaching these paths to others.

Pisces: The love of the arts drives these rising Gemini. They are not held back by rules and structure, instead they are fluid and changing. They must take care not to be swept away by ideas they cannot put into words and should learn to trust their perceptions of what is going on around them.


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