Medium Readings


When going to a medium for medium readings, it is important to have some good questions in mind and to know what to expect. Here are some tips and question ideas for when you have a medium readings.

Tips for Medium Readings

1. Well Being! Don’t show up to your reading drunk, hung-over, or otherwise intoxicated whether through drugs or something else. This can make it hard for the medium to connect with the spirit world. You will have a better time connecting with your spiritual advisor, in turn, allowing them to connect with you and provide their best reading possible.

2. Prepare! Mentally, think about the questions you want to ask. Here are some ideas:
– What career would make me happy?
– How can I decide if this slump is temporary or if I should make a permanent change?
– What changes should I make to attract more success in my life?
– What gifts should I be pursuing?
– Are there new beginnings I should be looking out for?
– Do I have any intuitive or psychic gifts? Should I learn to trust them?
– How am I currently harming or limiting myself?
– What can I learn from my most important past life?
Open ended questions are the best to ask when you are having medium readings done. This gives them a chance to fully communicate what the spirit world is telling them without being limited to a yes or no answer.

3. Relax! It’s normal to be nervous, but try to relax! Remember, positive energy is really important for a reading so you’ll want to be relaxed and calm! Having frazzled, angry or flustered energy can cause psychic amnesia, something very common when the energy is poor. You’ll want to get to a reading early, if it’s in person, and spend a few minutes enjoying some relaxing music and calming yourself. This will make the reading so much better and give your medium more to work with during your psychic prediction!

4. Simplicity! Keep your questions simple and free of telling information. Don’t feed the medium! When you ask a question don’t ask, “Should I quit my job of shredding paper for the government?” Ask, “How could my job be more fulfilling?” Don’t tell them what your job is, this can cause confusion in what the medium is trying to tell you. Be bland but open with your questions. Don’t hide information when asked, but don’t offer information either.

5. Honesty! Don’t try to force the message to fit. Be honest, tell the medium if what they are telling you has no bearing to you at all. And don’t be afraid to stop them and say so.

6. Acceptance! But don’t refuse to hear a message just because it is one you don’t want to hear. Don’t come up with reasons not to believe that a message is for you just because it’s not coming to you the way you thought it should!

7. Be A Reasonable Skeptic! Some message your medium readings will get right, and others will not be right. Remember that the medium is still a person trying to access the spirit world and transmit a message. That means sometimes they will misunderstand something or not translate it correctly! Be patient, be a skeptic, but be reasonable and don’t discount an entire reading just because they got a couple things wrong.


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