The High Priestess


The High Priestess tarot card, when found in the Rider-Waite tarot deck, is found seated in front of a veil; the veil is thin and decorated with pomegranates, representing the separate conscious and subconscious realms. The pomegranates are a symbol of fertility, abundance, and the female divine. On either side of the priestess are two pillars that mark the entrance to the temple of Solomon. One is marked with a B for Boaz which means ‘In his strength’, and the other with a “J” for “Jachin” which means ‘He will establish’. The pillar of Boaz is black and the pillar of Jachin is white; they symbolize duality and state that knowledge and acceptance of the duality of the universe is required to enter the temple. The priestess wears a robe of blue with a cross on her chest and a horned crown on her head. These symbolize her divine knowledge and divine rule. In her lap is a scroll with the letter TORA partly covered. This represents the Greater Law and that its knowledge is both explicit and implicit but will only be revealed when one is ready to look beyond this realm into the spiritual realm beyond. At her feet is a crescent moon which symbolizes her connection to the feminine divine, her connection to her intuition, and the natural cycles of the moon.

The High Priestess


The High Priestess is set to be the cosmic balance to the Magician. Where is the guardian of the conscious mind and physical world, she is the gatekeeper of the subconscious; the one who reveals sacred knowledge and mysteries to us. When the High Priestess is dealt upright she is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, illumination, divine wisdom and cosmic knowledge. Her appearance in your reading means that now is the time to try and access the deeper mysteries and truths. It’s time to connect to your intuition and work on meditation, spiritual journeys and even consider joining a spiritual community. This is a great time to look for areas of your life that may be out of balance or lacking flow. You have a chance to work on these problems from their deepest roots.

Lastly, the High Priestess is a call to embrace the Divine Feminine which is our connection to inner wisdom, empathy, compassion and intuition regardless of gender. It is a notice that it is time to balance the masculine and feminine energies in your life because you have neglected your feminine energies for too long.


When dealt in reverse the High Priestess tarot card is warning you to stop and listen. She is telling you that it is time to withdraw from the world and instead focus on your inner self and figure out what your voice and wisdom are trying to tell you. If you struggle to trust your intuition, if you feel silly or guilty then you are cutting off this important part of yourself. The High Priestess is telling you to forget the mockery of others and instead have faith and flow with the energy of the universe. Stop trying to control the flow of the cosmos but instead surrender to the greater powers and let go.

She can also be a sign of hidden gossip and agendas combined with a warning to avoid giving in to paranoia. Instead she instructs you to have an open and honest conversation with those who may be keeping information or spreading untruths. Bring everything into the light and address them honestly.


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