Jupiter Transit in Leo – 2015 July



Jupiter transit in Leo – July 2014

On 14-07-2015, the expansive and benign planet Jupiter will commence its transit through the Zodiac Sign Leo, ruled by Sun. Jupiter leaves its exaltation sign, Cancer to enter Leo. The transiting Jupiter will leave its sign of exaltation, Cancer to enter Leo, the magnanimous and radiant sign.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, occupies one year in every sign. Vedic astrology names Jupiter as the lord of the planets ‘The Greatest Benefic,’ signifying, the most powerful and positive guidance. Jupiter bestows prospects, positivity and the faith essential to develop your life in the direction of your dreams. Jupiter is the planet of expansion. Jupiter also rules consciousness and helps one to perceive ‘the big picture’ of life. Jupiter rules over philosophy and learning, truth, justice and wisdom, idealism, aspiration and generosity. On the contrary, Jupiter’s ill effects can also manifest in not so desirable ways through over confidence, extravagance, self-importance, and gullibility.

The transit allows Jupiter to leave the emotional/sensitive, Cancer, and enter the sign of Leo. The placement of Jupiter is fiery that kindles an outward, emphatic drive to express ones true identity and creativity. Irrespective of ones Moon Sign, or birth chart, Jupiter in sign Leo indicates a year one will grow and learn through refining the way one express oneself in the world. Leo is the sign of buoyancy and showmanship, and the period can assert oneself to grow and establish themselves.

The affirmative manifestation of Jupiter in Leo brings melodramatic flair, vitality and cheerfulness to one’s personal expression. However, it’s imperative to curb the need to dominate or feed ones egotism. Be dramatic but don’t blow out of proportion. It’s the time of believing in oneself. Believe in the role you play in this life. It’s the time to let oneself shine.

Leo rules the 5th house in the natural zodiac. The Jupiter transit will be a blessing in disguise for the entertainment and the media industry. The entertainment and fine arts industry will thrive with new talents discovered and rise in financial investments. The fifth house that rules the share market or the speculation industry can expect a bulls run until 2016. However, the conjunct of Rahu in 2016 will eventually stall the bull. There is also an aspect from Saturn to Jupiter in this transit, which can slow down the good works of Jupiter. The benefits are delayed but never denied due to Saturn’s aspect with respect to what we know from this page.

The placement of Jupiter in Leo is an auspicious news for spiritual aspirant. The year will be beneficial for spiritual pursuits and journey. Spiritual aspirants can discover their Guru’s in this period. The prices of gold and oil can be expected to rise in this year. Environmentally, the position of Jupiter in Leo is adverse for global climate. Already, we have witnessed mercury levels rising in most part of the world this summer. The earth will continue to feel the heat for the next couple of years, and one can expect record levels of warming next summer.


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