Lotus Tarot


The Lotus Tarot are tarot cards made for the Lotus Tarot website. They are based on the Rider-Waite deck but with some subtle differences in meaning that are a bit more specific to those that frequent the website for their readings. The images for the cards were designed and altered by Angie, the Lotus Tarot website graphic design artist. It is pictorially different from most other decks, focusing on real-world images that have been beautifully photo-shopped to give an ethereal feel. The use of real people on the cards helps to connect a little better and their similarity to the Rider-Waite deck makes them easy to read, even if there are small changes in the meaning.

Lotus Tarot

Originally intended for use online only, the Lotus tarot have been released in a physical deck ideal for everyday use with a thick card stock that can stand up to daily shuffling and dealing. If you order a Lotus Tarot deck take some time to get to know your deck when it arrives. Hold it in your hands and share energy with it; sort through each of the cards and take note of any that stand out to you. While you’re looking through them you may notice a few differences from the Rider-Waite. The first will be with the Major Arcana Death. It is no longer an armored knight on a horse with a banner, but a skeleton holding a scythe with a red sky in the background. The other change is the Sun card – normally this is depicted by a child on a horse carrying a red banner while the sun shines down brightly. In the Lotus tarot deck this is instead depicted by two children in a field surrounded by sunflowers.

A free lotus tarot reading can provide you with a lot of benefits including clarity in areas where you just aren’t sure what the problem is or how to solve it. The cards can shine a light on areas of your life where you need to work on things. The light of improvement should never be ignored even when those changes are painful; they are necessarily for your overall health and success. A lotus reading can help us make wise decisions especially when we’re faced with a difficult or life-changing decision and just aren’t sure which way we should go. And they can help bring peace. While no tarot reading can predict the future exactly, they can provide you with a game plan or a map forward and help you identify pitfalls and areas where you will struggle. This foreknowledge can bring a sense of peace and understanding that is necessary to get through life successfully.

Lotus tarot readings have always been done predominantly online which is a difficult way to do a tarot reading as the reader has to try and connect with the petitioner from across a long distance. Having this special, unique deck created specifically for online lotus tarot readings has helped to make these types of readings more accurate and enjoyable for everyone involved.


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