Numerology horoscopes can be based on your Life Path number and provided in much the same way a zodiac horoscope is given, however it can also be based on your birth day number. Each day of the month has a different set of characteristics that apply to the people born on that day. It’s different than your Life Path number and is one of the ways to create a numerology horoscope which is different than your birth sign horoscope. You can read each of the Numerology Horoscopes below sorted by the day of the month you were born. Don’t forget to educate yourself about Numerology as a whole so you can obtain a deeper understanding about what each of the birthdays below really means; you can start here:

Analyzing Your Numerological Horoscope

Numerology HoroscopesBorn on the 1st – You are a leader with ambition and a strong drive for success. Those born on the first are innovators, not likely to stick with routines, you have excellent business sense and use your knowledge like a finely honed tool. Be wary, however as you tend to be stubborn and hard-headed once you decide on a path and can be prone to laziness and procrastination.

Born on the 2nd – You are often a sensitive, intuitive and diplomatic soul. You love beauty and attention, though your natural sensitivity often leads to you being hurt easily. These people often are the ones that solve disputes among friends and have an affinity for music and the arts. Be careful as you can easily become a victim of depression and lack of confidence and need balance to avoid becoming high strung.

Born on the 3rd – You are an artist at heart and excel at written, visual or performed arts. If you aren’t doing these as a profession they are probably doing them as a hobby (and if not should certainly consider it). You are highly imaginative and great sales people, but you can be moody and tend to waste time on frivolities.

Born on the 4th – You are a hard working, conscientious person with excellent discipline. Though not arrogant you are certainly proud of who you are and are constantly focused on your foundations, however you can be stubborn and resistant to new ideas.

Born on the 5th – You are adventurous and love to travel. You have a great desire to see the world and all its wonders! However you have a tendency to be impulsive and headstrong, as well as over-indulgent.

Born on the 6th – You are a family-oriented, dispute settling person, able, like those born on the second, to bring disputes around to a peaceful resolution. You are very artistic and enjoy beauty and you love to help others. Your weakness if your need for praise and how easily damaged you are by criticism.

Born on the 7th – You are spiritually oriented with a highly developed mind. You want to investigate the world and all it’s mysteries and were born with excellent intuition. You don’t share your feelings well, however, and you like to spend time alone and can easily become withdrawn.

Born on the 8th – You are very talented when it comes to money and business with sound judgement and the ability to exercise it. You enjoy challenges and intellectual stimulation but should be careful that you don’t become domineering and bossy.

Born on the 9th – Many artists have been born on the ninth day of any month and you are probably one of them. The world is your teacher, don’t limit your education to one area but instead make it your goal to learn from them all. Be wary, however you cannot bring justice to the world. Sometimes you have to let things go even when you feel it is wrong to do so.

Born on the 10th – You have leadership abilities, a drive for success and a desire to be independent. Unfortunately, you become dull and depressed when forced to live in any sort of routine and you must be willing to make risks in order to give yourself the inspiration to carry on.

Birthday numerology is a great way to understand who you are based on your birthday. It’s different than the other numbers and is shared with everyone who has the same day as their birthday!

Born on the 11th – If you were born on the 11th you tend to be idealistic, sensitive and emotional. You bruise easily and react swiftly to emotional triggers. You inspire those around you, are quite the visionary, but should be careful as you tend to be dramatic and because you tend to be nervous should be careful to have a diet that soothes your body rather than keeping it tense.

Born on the 12th – You are highly artistic and this comes across in everything you do from your job to housework and cooking. Everything has this artistic flair including your imagination and quick wit. Be careful! You are prone to moodiness and self-indulgence. Keep your priorities in focus!

Born on the 13th – As one born on the 13th you are among those who love family, tradition and community. You are solid, grounded and practical but are also artistic and looking for ways to express it that don’t seem vapid and useless. You can be stubborn and struggle to make use of being in the moment.

Born on the 14th – If you were born on the 14th then you are someone who loves change and excitement. You are someone that doesn’t like to sit still and let the world pass you by. It’s important that you understand that this love of change comes from insecurity. You need to work to ground yourself so that you find balance between change and stability. Force yourself to finish projects you start!

Born on the 15th – You have a gift for languages and you love the arts, especially visual arts like painting. You want both family and the ability to wander which makes building a home hard for you. You commit to your partners and should work to spend as much time cultivating yourself as you do your relationships. You tend to be very sensitive and criticism can complete debilitate you. You must find a balance for yourself when it comes to your relationships.

Born on the 16th – If you were born on the sixteenth, chances are you are driven to understand the philosophical and spiritual parts of life. You often feel as though you don’t belong here and that must be tempered with the understanding that you have to make a life here work for you. Be wary of becoming aloof and critical.

Born on the 17th – People born on the seventeenth are ambitious and blessed with an excellent sense of judgement. You are self-confident and have high expectations of yourself and tend to thrive when others have high expectations of you as well. You must avoid becoming obsessed with how good your judgement is. Remember it’s okay to delegate to others and let them make their own mistakes.

Born on the 18th – As someone born on the 18th you are a natural born leader, someone who can manage, organize and inspire others to follow you. Many of those born on the 18th are leaders in politics, religion and law. You, like they, have an excellent understanding of how people work. Be careful, you have a tendency to shun forgiveness and acceptance. You need to let go of your negativity.

Born on the 19th – If you were born on the nineteenth you were born with an all encompassing desire for independence that eclipses many of your other traits. You must remember that balance in all things is necessary and you have to be willing to be a part of the whole, no matter how much you want to be alone.

Born on the 20th – If you were born on this day then you are a highly sensitive and impressional person. You can sense others’ feelings, even when they try to hide them and because of this sensitivity you are often influenced by the environment around you. You have to take steps to protect yourself from being overwhelmed by this.

The birthday number is one of the core numbers needed to determine who you are for your numerology horoscope!

Born on the 21st – Being born on the 21st you are a highly creative person with a strong will to succeed at life. Everything you do socially is magical and people love to have you around. You are verbally talented, inspiring to many and enthusiastic. Be careful to stick to something specific. It’s far too easy for you to spread around your energy and get lost.

Born on the 22nd – Those born on the 22nd are leaders and have great vision as well as the ability to bring that vision to reality. You have excellent intuition, are both practical and idealistic and the greatest challenge you have is to not give in to the fear of failure. Start small and work in manageable steps and you can achieve anything.

Born on the 23rd – When you are born on the 23rd you are someone that needs change and excitement to feel alive! You believe life is an adventure and you have to get out there and get your share of life experiences from living it. Don’t shirk your responsibilities because of this need. Do the right thing and you’ll be successful in life.

Born on the 24th – Family-oriented, with a gift for settling disputes and bringing about harmony in relationships, you are emotional and sensitive and enjoy demonstrating to others how you feel about them. Be wary of your tendency to be melodramatic, and your desire to solve everyone’s problems. Sometimes you need to let people solve their problems on their own.

Born on the 25th – Being born on the 25th means you are a logical and intellectual person, with good intuition that will guide you well through life. You have excellent analytical skills which help you look deeper at any situation. You must be careful though not to neglect emotion. A balance between the mind and heart is ideal.

Born on the 26th – Those born on the 26th have a unique and original approach to business and money that works well for them and you are probably no different. You are a great manager, efficient and able to handle large projects. Don’t let your success in business harden you to compassion and love. You need them in order to continue being a successful person!

Born on the 27th – If you are born on the 27th you are a born leader! You have a broad-mind and should seek education in more than one field in order to sate your desire to learn. You can relate to most people, and enjoy traveling. You want to make the world a better place and yearn to perform tasks for others. You must learn, however, to accept and forgive even when people don’t meet your standards.

Born on the 28th – Born on the 28th, you have a great gift for leadership but you prefer to show it though gentle persuasion rather than large displays of power. You are unconventional and idealistic, and you have much self-confidence though you often need a push to get started. You can be stubborn once you have settled on an idea, be careful of this, there are other ways than yours to solve a problem.

Born on the 29th – You are highly intuitive and very creative, often your mind thinks in pictures. You have keen insights, and an excellent mind but direct you life on intuition. Be careful not to become frustrated with who you are. Many born on the 29th are late bloomers and you are probably no exception. Let yourself grow as you need, not as you think you should.

Born on the 30th – An artist at heart, you are highly creative and excel at all the arts. Consider taking them up as a hobby if you aren’t doing them professionally. You look for harmony in everything you do and you have a green thumb. Be careful of your natural tendency to be moody and suffer from over-socialization.

Born on the 31st – As someone born on the 31st, you have a great love of family and tradition. You also love things that are grounded and practical. Be careful to take time off work, stop pushing yourself so hard, remember that there is more than the job in front of you in life.

Horoscopes Explained By Numerology – Your Inner Being

Numerology Horoscopes are a great way to learn more about your inner self and personal habits. Knowing what to focus on and what to avoid based on your horoscope is a great way to improve yourself and increase your quality of life. If you want to know more about numerology horoscopes, you can always learn more about numerology as a whole and learn how to find your life path number and learn from there.