Ghost Hunting


Are you interested in starting a career as a ghost hunter? Ghost hunting has become more popular in recent years and it isn’t a career for the faint of heart. You definitely don’t want to head out into a paranormal situation without the right tools and equipment, and tips from the professionals is always a nice things to have. Gather together all your equipment and create a ghost hunting kit that you can easily pack and unpack no matter what sort of situation you face.

Ghost Hunting

Preparing For Ghost Hunting

Before you go on your first ghost hunt or paranormal investigation, there are some basic things you should do to make sure that you stay as safe as possible. Firstly, make sure that you have at least one partner going with you. Never go alone! Always have another pair of eyes and hands available. Remember that in abandoned buildings and other similar places that it’s not the ghosts that might be dangerous but the people that are squatting there. In a similar vein, never trespass on private property without permission. If a building you want to visit is located on private property make sure you get written permission from the owner to be in their building and on their land. Check the location during the day to get a feel for where hotspots on the property might be and to make sure you’re aware of any locations that may cause trouble at night. Debris, loose flooring and other hazards should all be noted as well as your path of ingress and egress. You also want to make sure you’ve charged up all your equipment, are in a positive frame of mind, have said a prayer for protection and follow your instincts while you are there.

Tools Of The Trade

Common ghost hunting tools are a voice recorder, a point and shoot camera, an EMF meter, and an infrared temperature detector. However, you want to make sure that you’re ready for anything there are a few more pieces of ghost hunting equipment that you’ll want to be sure you have. The first is a good carrying case for your equipment. Get a good quality hard case with foam inserts so that fragile equipment is protected no matter how much it’s jostled for dropped. Upgrade from an EMF meter to an EMF recorder so that you can go back and look at your readings to see where you had the biggest spikes in activity. When you’re purchasing a voice recorder look for models that are small enough to fit in your pocket with large enough storage to last all night without being turned off. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for those that can pick up ultra-low and ultra-high frequency sounds that can’t normally be picked up by our ears.

Modern technology has provided paranormal investigators with tools that serve more than one purpose. If you have the funds you might consider getting infrared temperature detectors that also work as cameras so you can see the temperature changes in a room over the course of the night and focus in on the areas where you believe activity is taking place. Get small surveillance cameras that offer night vision so that when you review them its easier to see what’s going on in those dark corners you just couldn’t peer into.

Most importantly you’ll want to make sure you have a primary light source and a back-up light source. Your primary light source will work best if it has a low-output red light option so that you don’t mess up any night vision equipment you have. No matter what, don’t go into any ghost hunting situation without a primary and a backup light source in your ghost hunting kit.


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