Numerology Number 10


Number 10 belongs to the family of number 1 which is planet sun. In this post, we will see the effects of name number 10.  I am starting from number 10 as people with name numerology 1 is very very rare, i.e. person having name with only an alphabet A. Nobody keeps name for a person as A or B, hence i neglected name number 1.

Name Numerology 10 denotes the transition of energy from mooladhar to sahsrar and again return from sahsrar to mooladhar. Mooladhar is the lowest chakra and sahsrar is the highest chakra in our body.

Person with name numerology 10 are blessed with intelligence and integrity, they have great patience and will power in them. But their fortune’s keeps on changing in their lives. The number 10, with 1 followed by 0 is a powerful number in numerology. With 1 taking positions with 0, it is said to be a number of extraordinary fame and reputation.

Their life will be consists of great rises and falls, they  immediately become popular among masses. Whatever act they do, it will have the intensity to make them popular. But they must be cautious and be very honest in their life, otherwise disgrace may follow. Person with name numerology 10 will always enjoy good mass of wealth.

Note: Football players like Diego Maradona, Pele, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear jersey number 10.


  1. Hello. I’m a number 10 (First name). My total adds upto 42. In love with a girl who’s a name number 25 (first name). Her total adds upto 37. Any chance of compatibility?? Or should I change my name to 37? lol


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