Numerology Number 100


Numerology number 100 is one of the most asked about numbers by visitors to me. In cheiro’s numbers of numerology, it contained only fifty four numbers, cheiro either missed or concealed the rest of the fifty four numbers. Before getting to know about the number 100, one must understand the importance of Numerology number 10. Compared to number 100, number 10 is the most powerful of the all the numbers in sun ruled number 1 (which you can read about here). People may think that number 100 is of higher value than 10 and hence consider it as important and powerful; but 100 is more of an unbalanced number and also number of illusion or maya.

Numerology Number 100

Truth is suppressed in number 100. It can be flashy, popular, unanimous but not auspicious. It has only created discrimination and confusion. But number 10 is not only auspicious, but it is a symbol of unity. A balance of yin and yang, a cosmic truth!

All numbers are born from digits 0 and 1. Which represents the energies light and dark or wisdom and compassion or yin and yang – in computer science this is known as a boolean representing “off and on”. Though they are opposite in essence, they signify the eternal reality.  All planetary energies arrive from these two primordial energies.

When there is additional yin energy present, i.e ‘0’. Then it creates a discriminating energy manifestation. Presence of ‘Yin’ or ‘0’ has tendency to spread, move, manifest and flow. Thus popularity, fame, attraction, are easily attributed to number 100 due to presence of additional ‘0’. But this imbalance can often lead to loss of wisdom and clarity and finally confused state of existence. That’s why 100 is very material number which is only used in paper and convention and does not possess real value or life essence in it.


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