There are four ways to receive intuitive information, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about a person, object, location or event visually through their third eye or second sight. It’s important to note that not all images are literal; some, in fact most, are symbolic. The third eye is the chakra located between the eyebrows on the forehead and when we see visions we see them here, in the mind’s eye chakra.

Utilizing Your Clairvoyance Ability

There are easy steps to take to increase your ability to use clairvoyance. Begin by releasing fears of seeing the future. Often when we are children we easily access psychic abilities, but turn them off because they are too painful and frightening or because we are made fun of. Find a calm place and remind yourself that you do not have to be afraid of what you see. Next, formulate a specific question in your head. In order to get an accurate answer, you must ask a specific, well stated question. Be honest with yourself about the bottom line of what you want to know and feel free to be as detailed as you would like to be.  You can read up on all the psychic abilities here:

Focus your energy on the third eye chakra as you take deep, cleansing breaths. Notice the oval shape between your eyes and notice whether the eye is open, closed or partially open. If it is closed or only partially open ask it to open, reaffirming your willingness to release your fear. Once it is open you will feel as though you have been reunited with a long missing part of yourself. As you continue to breath and relax, you may begin to notice images forming in your mind’s eye. Perhaps it is a single image, it may be a short movie. They may appear in color, black and white or as a painting or cartoon. You have accessed your clairvoyant abilities. You can make these images larger and brighter as well which allows you to better understand what it is you are seeing.

How to Work Through the Issues

If you struggle to understand what the images mean, ask for clarification either silently our out loud. If you still don’t understand what you’re seeing, ask for clarification again in a different way. Remember, the spirit world wants to help you so if you don’t understand just ask. Don’t discount your clairvoyant images as just imagination. Make a list of all your visions so that you can keep track of when they come to pass. Trust your visions, remember if you ignore them you will have to try harder the next time to access them.

Clairvoyance is one of the easiest psychic abilities to practice, but not everyone will be able to do it. Some people have more of an aptitude for this ability and others for other abilities. If you have trouble opening your chakra, spend some time in meditation becoming okay with accessing your psychic abilities. As long as you are afraid of what the future may hold your third eye will remain closed.


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