How To Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack


A psychic attack is an wave of negative and harmful energy sent with the intention of causing harm to you or the people around you. It can be directed at your emotional state, your physical body, your spirit, or your mind. They are frequently based on jealousy, but someone may attack you for any reason. Psychic attacks can be very scary especially since the majority of attacks come from people that you know! However, there are ways to recognize and protect yourself from a psychic attack.  Read more in-depth articles about psychic attacks by clicking here.

How To Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

The symptoms of a psychic attack are easy to recognize once you know what they are. Being aware of the signs and symptoms can help you stop a psychic attack before it does too much damage. Symptoms include:

  • Nightmares that may include your attacker in some form.
  • Feelings of fatigue and exhaustion that have no reason. This can be emotional, psychological or physical. It may be accompanied by crankiness and irritability.
  • Frequent ghost pains often in the same place but again for no apparent reason. These are most frequent around the chest, shoulders and back.
  • Inability to concentrate and focus on daily tasks. Feeling disoriented or suddenly out of it. Sudden feelings of anger or edginess, guilt, worry or anxiety.
  • Unusual headaches, sometimes accompanied with vomiting and dizziness. They will probably be abnormally painful and throbbing.
  • Sudden onset of nausea or stomach ache with no obvious reason or illness. Coughing or choking for no reason. Tightness in the chest and feelings like you can’t breathe.
  • Doubting and questioning your life, your purpose, and the direction you’re headed.
  • Feeling as though you’re being watched all the time.
  • Sudden severe depression and thoughts of suicide. This can be a sign of a dangerous psychic attack, especially if these feelings come up quickly or you’ve never had them before.

The key to recognizing these symptoms as a psychic attack and not just chronic illness flaring up or even something like acute onset of the flu is the suddenness and severity of the symptoms. Psychic attacks can travel across distance and can even be triggered by negativity from something they saw about you on the internet. You must protect yourself from these attacks.

How Can I Protect Myself?

The steps you should take to protect yourself are:

Be aware of your surroundings and yourself. Be able to recognize a psychic attack as soon as it hits so that you can quickly stop it and defend against it.

Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels to help stop the attack. You do not have to believe in them or even have faith in their existence. They will help to protect you just because you asked.

Remember that what goes around comes around. Do not try to retaliate against your attacker, this will just make things worse for you. Instead, focus on returning love and kind feelings towards the attacker. Remember that the reason they are attacking you is because of a weakness on their part, not yours. Send them compassion and acceptance, it will help to heal the pain they feel that caused them to attack in the first place.

Any time you think of the attacker, protect yourself by showering them in the light and love of the universe.

Work on yourself, work on building yourself up so that attacks are less powerful and less successful.


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