Lightworkers are those called to heal the world. Often they feel compelled to help others, they care deeply about the world and others living in it, they attract those who need help and are incredibly sensitive to the needs and moods of those around them. Lightworkers were born into the world feeling as though they had a purpose, knowing that this purpose was there for them deep in their souls. They feel an urgency, knowing their time here is limited and they must do as much as they can before their time is through.  Learn more about different types of psychics here:

What are Lightworkers?

A lightworker is believed to be someone who is aware of their higher purpose, in some way, consciously or subconsciously, and those around them have been known to comment that they feel calming warmth in their presence. This is a natural characteristic of lightworkers, as they exude healing at all times.

There are some fundamental characteristics of lightworkers that are shared between them all. They are a feeling of disconnect from the rest of the world. Lightworkers have a different calling than the rest of the world and they often feel different or ‘weird’ and out of place in normal settings; with this comes a feeling of not belonging to this world and a deep desire to ‘go home’ though home is not on this planet. Lightworkers have a hard time telling people ‘no’, they feel they have a higher purpose and naturally are highly empathetic. This leads to them often needing ‘alone’ time where they can sit and meditate, cleansing negativity from their own minds before they go out and heal again. In fact, this alone time is necessary and those who know and care for a lightworker will want to make sure that the lightworker in their life makes sure they take this time for themselves or they will burn out and end up hurting themselves spiritually and often mentally.

Often you’ll find that lightworkers attract people who are ‘hurting’, and will give and give while receiving nothing from those they help. They are often drawn to the natural, choosing lifestyles that eliminate processed foods and meat. They’ll avoid the mainstream, caring less about fashion and more about the model who looks as though she hasn’t eaten in weeks. Lightworkers are often found in jobs where they can help others and love all things in the world, plant or animal.

Lightworkers and Spirituality

Though they may have a strong understanding of spirituality, not all lightworkers belong to a particular religion. Religion, for many, is a tool that helps them to open the doors of their spirituality, but it is not the end of their spiritual journey. Many lightworkers can sense the presence of hidden beings, angels and spirits.

The key to being a lightworker is being willing to know and accept who you are at all times. It means you cannot shy away from being willing to give all of yourself to the world, knowing that the world likely won’t know you are doing it. You will receive no accolades for your work, and often you will be exhausted. But in the end, the reward to your soul, the feeling that you have accomplished your calling may be all that you need to believe you have completed a job well done.


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