Kundali Milan By Name


Many young adults have heard about the tradition of kundali milan – the process of taking the natal charts of two people and doing a natal chart comparison of them. One popular method of doing so is called “kundali milan by name” – also referred to as “horoscope name matching”. This is a fun and insightful way of seeing if the marriage is compatible from an astrological perspective.

Kundali Milan By Name

While some people are only interested in name matching for marriage, there are a lot of other practical applications which people take seriously. Will the results show that the couple is bound to have unavoidable conflicts that could tear the relationship apart? Or will they have a peaceful, prosperous relationship with several children and a fruitful career?

Gun Milan Matching Process

Let’s start by talking about the Kundli Matching process – also known commonly as “gun milan”. The couple will typically consult a professional astrologer for a detailed reading if they are serious about name matching and will be gauging the success of their marriage on the results of the kundli milan. Otherwise, if you’re simply interested in what the outcome is for fun, or just out of curiosity, there are plenty of resources online to look into (like astronlogia.com!) There are a few methods of gun milan, the most popular is gun milan by name – name matching – between the couple. Their full names will each be broken down into numbers and an in-depth analysis will be performed on said numbers. A detailed compatibility report will be discussed among the couple. The standard practice is at least 18 of the 36 properties of their results are compatible, then it is an acceptable marriage. If the number is much lower than 50%, it’s advisable for the couple to think about other prospects to avoid heart break in the future.

Name matching for marriage isn’t the only way kundali milan is used – some people enjoy seeing if they are compatible with their friends, co-workers, sisters/cousins, and so on. Marriage just happens to be a popular use as it’s important to know how compatible you are with the person you may or may not be spending the rest of your life with – however, it is important to note that it is to be done between a man and a woman.

Types of Kundli Milan

The most common type of kundli milan is by name matching, though it is common for details such as name, date of birth, hour and minute of birth, and place of birth to be used in more detailed predictions. The reason only the names of the boy and girl being used is because often times people will not know the exact time, to the minute, of their birth. It’s typically better to use kundli matching that requires less information than using wrong information!

Over the course of a typical Gun Milan, the astrologer performing the reading will assign scores to the compatibility factors to determine the outcome – these are called “Koota” and there are 8 in total. Each of the 8 Koota have a total of 36 Guna. All of this is analyzed during a detailed marriage prediction by name reading.

Koota and Guna

The 8 Koota are as follows:

  1. Varna – Relating to Work
  2. Vasya – Relating to Love
  3. Tara – Relating to Destiny
  4. Yoni – Relating to Mentality Compatibility
  5. Maitri – Relating to Friendship / Social Circles
  6. Gana – Relating to Shared Desire
  7. Bhakoot – Relating to Daily Routine
  8. Nadi – Relating to Child Birth

If enough of the 36 Guna are compatible, then the astrologer will give the marriage their blessing. Otherwise, it would be advised against. Other factors to consider would be the couple’s age and, depending on the person/people in the kundli milan, how lucky each individual is. For example if they have a great compatibility score but there is a very large age gap, and one person is extremely lucky while the other is considered ill-fated, that may change the overall outcome.

Many factors can change the outcome of the compatibility between a man and a woman whether it’s for marriage, relationship, career, or just friendship. Just because you got an unfavorable reading for gun milan by name does not mean you should give up and never see each other again. Conversely, a good compatibility score for marriage but terrible matches in all other aspects of live does not necessarily mean you will have a happy and prosperous life! Because of that, we recommend you read through our section on horoscope matching where we cover the qualities and scoring of kundali and many other issues to consider.


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