How to clear your debts fast and easy?


Clear debts using the power of constellations

Debt is one thing which everybody wants to get rid of, Its indeed better to stay away from debts and lead a contended life. But for those who have borrowed and have debts to payoff, this will be extremely useful information. Every day thousands of people commit suicide because of inability to pay their debts promptly. Many people have lost their lives, their loved ones and their properties because of unresolved debts.Though planing and proper investing is one thing to clear your debts fast, there is an astrological way to clear any amount of debts without any obstacles.

How to clear your debts fast and easy?

Next time when you borrow or get a loan from bank, follow these methods.

If you are going to borrow or get loan, pay your first month due on a day when the star is aswini or anuradha, and also select the lagna as aries if its aswini star day or lagna as scorpio if its anuradha. At this time, repay any amount of due. This will guarantee that you will be fortunate and repay the full amount in very short period.

Clear debts based on the day of the week

Another method is that you select either Tuesday, or Saturday or Sunday, and make sure the tithi is either chathurthi or chathurdasi. Calculate in which sign gulika will be on that day, when gulika is exactly in lagna, repay a part of the loan and you’ll be surprised to see that you are able to clear loan in short period.

Third method is select a Saturday, and let the ascendant be in a movable sign, either Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. It is always advisable to have malefic in 8th house to the lagna at which time the part payment is made.

Note: One should never lend or borrow money on eclipse days. It causes danger to both borrower and banker.

Follow these rules and enjoy debt free life!

Note: Non-Indian readers may not understand the second method, as it involves Indian lunar calendar terms called “Tithis”. If needed, I’ll help in knowing such terms.


  1. Thanks Losleos. You’re advice really helped. I’ve paid of al my debts and now I’m free of any loans. You’re a lifesaver!

  2. I seriously need help , I owe about 34 ,000 , I have 3 kids and my mom to take care of , I’m having the hardest time getting rid of it because of interest charges , can you specify those terms you mentioned , I would love to be debt free and live abundantly so I can really do more fun things with my family


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