What Is An Energy Healer And How Can They Help?


An energy healer is someone who is trained to help realign the energy in your body so that you can begin healing from the inside out. It is considered a complimentary and holistic form of medicine and isn’t just people waving crystals around as they chant or sitting somewhere quietly and meditating. In fact, some forms of energy healing may even be covered by your insurance! Many insurance companies cover energy healers such as acupuncturists, reflexologists and massage therapists, you just need to check and see what coverage you have and find a reputable practitioner in your area. There are also Reiki practitioners who can help to realign and invigorate your energy without even being in the room with you!

Energy Healer Abilities – Using Vibrations As Medicine

Energy healing is based on the scientific principles of vibration. You probably remember learning in school that everything is made up of molecules and all molecules are vibrating. No matter how solid something looks to the naked eye, at the molecular level all its little parts are vibrating. Things, places, and people all vibrate and happy people are vibrating at a higher frequency than unhappy people. However you don’t really need to know all the ins and outs of it to have a successful time with your energy healer! The most important way to be successful is to keep an open mind before, during and after treatments. And don’t feel you need to limit yourself to one visit very rarely. Frequent visits help to lower stress and improve physical energy by keeping your body’s vibrations loose and free.

The Holistic Lifestyle of Energy Healing

Energy healing is just one part of living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. But just as walking every day won’t do much good if you don’t eat a healthy diet, seeing a therapist to work through your problems won’t be successful in the long run if you aren’t seeing an energy healer to help remove blockages to your energy flow. The two go hand in hand. Often times negative motions and experiences are some of the biggest disrupters to our energy flow and we can be more successful at dealing both with ourselves and others if we are taking steps to improve our outlook on life and be more positive and understanding with ourselves. This includes seeing an energy healer to help loosen up those blockages so that our hurt and pain can drift away.

Medicinal Therapies via an Energy Healer

Many practitioners of both holistic and traditional medicine feel there is value to both therapies being used simultaneously and in a complimentary fashion. It’s easy to see that inflammation in the body leads to illness, and many people have experienced getting a cold when they are stressed out because their immune system became depressed. Energy healing can help to lower inflammation and stimulate the immune system by bringing the body back into balance and helping it work at top efficiency even during stressful or troubled times.

The key to finding a good energy healer is to ask around and visit their office. Do a consultation and take notice of how you feel about them. You’ll want to feel comfortable in their presence, relaxed and able to enjoy the time you spend with them. If you’re stressed and uncomfortable then you’ll simply be wasting time and money by going in for treatments!


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