Angel Number 5


Angel numbers are numbers that our angel guides use to try and get our attention. You’ll know that your attention is being sought when you see the number over and over again in ways that just seem to catch your eye. Maybe it’s the winning lottery number – 5, 55, 65, 25. Or perhaps you noticed that you had to send five emails to five different people one morning. These constant repetitions that normally wouldn’t make you blink will suddenly start to stand out as your guardian angels try to get your attention so they can deliver a cosmic message to you from the divine.

Angel Number 5

The Angel #5

The angel number 5 is the number of positive and important changes. However, just because it’s a number of ‘positive’ changes doesn’t mean it’s going to be pain free. Sometimes things that are positive hurt or are difficult – like getting a flu shot or making healthy eating choices. These things aren’t necessarily easy, and they may be painful, but they are positive changes because they bring about good things in our lives. The key to appreciating the blessings of this message is keeping your eyes focused on the end goal, rather than the moment you are living in. This too shall pass, and when it does you’ll be glad you pushed through it.

The number five resonates with the vibrations of individualism, adaptability, progress, resourcefulness, sympathy, travel and adventure, courage, surrender, idealism, vitality and making positive life choices and positive decisions. There is so much good that can come from this message and that is why the angels used the number 5 to get your attention! Change is coming. You can’t stop it and you don’t want to! Be optimistic and positive and have faith that when you are through with the season of change that the rewards will be so great that you’d be willing to go through the period of struggle a second time for them!

You’re Not Alone…

Remember, too, that you are not expected to tackle this journey alone. While your guardian angels don’t have a way to talk to you directly, the second message of the number five is the reminder that they are there even when you can’t see or hear them. Ask them for assistance, for protection and for encouragement and they will be happy to give it. They want you to not just succeed at your journey but to thrive and enjoy every possible moment of it. Life is about change and renewal and discovery; through these we get some of our greatest blessings and your guardian angels want you to receive the full bounty of these blessings as well.

If you find yourself struggling with this season of change spend some time in meditation working to see things from the divine perspective rather than from our limited human perspective. When we see the world through the eyes of eternity suddenly our small season of change seems like nothing and we find we can get through the pain and struggle with ease and comfort!


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