Mayan Calendar 2012


The Mayan Calendar 2012 – End of world on 21st December 2012?

There has been numerous posts and talks about this Mayan Calendar date December 21st 2012 everywhere around the web, and the recent release of movie trailer 2012 by Sony pictures has created a rage among the people. Though most people are unaware of the day December 21st 2012, I thought it would be interesting to enlighten my readers about the cosmic day or the day which has been believed or (feared) to be the end of the world!

What is December 21st 2012?

December 21st 2012 is the day which is believed by many to the end of world cycle. Now, what is the meaning of end of world cycle? Some researchers believe that its the destruction of earth and dawn of new life in earth, while some scientists believe that its just an end of one world cycle and beginning of another which does not signify end of world. This day was the Mayan’s prophecy in their long count calendar and also I ching and Nostradamus predicted similar dates for destruction of world. We’ll  see about the Mayan’s but before that we must know the significance of December 21st 2012 in terms of pure astronomy. The day is called winter solstice, which means beginning of shortening nights and  lengthening days, and also winter solstice day is considered to be the day of rebirth by many culture and religious sect. Lots of religious rituals are performed on that day as its considered to be the rebirth of Sun God.

The Mayan Calendar and the doomsday

Who are Mayans?

Mayan’s belong to Maya Civilization which rose on 250 AD on Mesoamerican parts of the world which includes Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. The Mayan civilization came to an end on 16th century after the spanish conquest. Mayan’s are an advanced civilization and their practices includes astronomy, astrology, mathematics, great religious rituals and numerology. They were precise and accurate in foreseeing cosmic events like solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, venus cycles, planetary events for any given year. They were more accurate than present astronomers, and had an excellent numeric system. The famous Chichen Itza in Mexico is a symbol of Maya where they built this pyramids for for great rituals to offer to their gods.

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan’s had various calendars to predict cosmic events and solar cycles. One of the calendar is called Tzolk’in which composed of 260 days (2+6+0=8). These are 260 unique days of solar year, they form 260 days as it signifies the human gestation period. They used this calendar for foreseeing auspicious dates for rituals, wars, and other things.

Some of the pictures of the Maya Calendar

The basic unit of Mayan year was called kin which has the meaning of sun or day, there were twenty day names with thirteen day numbers represented by above glyphs.


The Mayan calendar had 19 months, glyphs above signifies each month, and every month has twenty days from 0 to 19, but the last and nineteenth month has only five days.

They had another calendar called Long count calendar which spans for 13 cycles, the Mayan’s needed long count calendar to predict the past events and also the future events of the universe. According to the Mayan’s, there are five great ages combining 26000 years and we are living in the fifth age. Also, the long count calendar date starts on august 11th  3114 B.C and ends on Dec 21st 2012. After this, the date of the long count calendar resets to zero. The long count calendar was used to predict the ages and transformation of universe. Through this given range of dates, the Mayan’s have predicted the major comic events, but why the date stops at dec 21st 2012 is the million dollar question here?

The date December 21st 2012 marks the end of a cycle, and beginning of a new cycle or perhaps the end of the world. It can be contextualized in either way. The beginning of new cycle means, the beginning of evolution of universe, a major cosmic change or evolutionary change that’s going to happen in our universe. According to the Mayan calendar we live in the 12th cycle, and after dec 21st 2012 it marks the beginning of 13th cycle or the other way.

The particular day has a great cosmic significance apart from being winter solstice, its also the date where the thirteenth zodiac of our galaxy Ophiuchus lies between Sagittarius and Scorpio thus forming the dark rift. This dark rift has been termed as the underworld by the Mayan’s and Nostradamus. Also, there are hidden meanings on the thirteenth zodiac and the beginning of thirteenth cycle. The zodiac’s of the galaxy on that particular days forms a shape of serpent which bites its own tail due to the Ophiuchus in dark rift. The serpent in Hindu mythology and even in Mayan’s denotes the rebirth or resurrection. But what is that is going to be reborn or resurrected is still a question !

In biblical numerology, 13 has a major meaning in it. Though 13 is termed as satanic or evil in nature, number 13 has the meaning of a cosmic presence in numerology. 13 is the ultimate power which can create the change in universe. Jesus Christ has 12 disciples like the 12 zodiacs of our galaxy and he was the thirteenth one, The Master or The Awakened one in Numerology.


  1. One again an enlightening article. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! It is fascinating to read somethings that is related to this planet that we r living on. The end of the world cycle seems unbelieavable but u never know, nething can happen netime. 2012 isn't very far from now but I would urge people to look at the brighter side of this article. It really tells u to live life 2 d fullest coz u never know what d future beholds for whatever time is left,just b happy n keep spreading happiness n knowledge like saravana 🙂

  2. Appreciate your effort in writing this article on a very contradicting topic.

    I would like to bring a few points to your notice here, its not just The Maya, Nostradamus or I Ching that points us all to 21 Dec 2012, the so called dooms day. But it has also been referred by Lord Krishna in Vishnu Purana where he says 'it is the beginning of the Golden age and the end of suffering'.

    Next, this date also makes sense if you are tilted more towards science than faith and if it is to be believed, Edgar Cayce has also pointed us towards this unique date, where he says 'that is the day when the earth's magnetic poles will be tilted or the pole shift occurs' due to inter galactic cosmic effects.

    Apart from the above, Egyptian scriptures too point us towards this date, NASA has a Scientific Explanation for this, Old Bible uses this date, and the Jews have their own theory on this as well. Apart from 'Vishnu Purana and Edgar Cayce' the other pointers are contradicting and authenticity needs verification and a detailed study is required.

    Peace 🙂


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