Numerology of Christianity


Jesus – The Meaning of the Word Love

In this post, we will explore the numerology of Christianity and chronological events in Christianity and numerological significance in Jesus life and death.  Well, lets start with the name of Jesus, his real name was never Jesus and its just angelical representation. His name was yeshua or Y’shua in Hebrew-Aramaic and Iesous in greek, lets analyze these names. Now out of all these names, iesous and Y’shua are the ones which matches the qualities of Christ as per numerology, and Y’shua is the real name of Jesus in Herbrew/Aramaic.

Numerology of Christianity

Numerology of Christianity through Jesus’s Birthday

Jesus birthday is not given properly but scriptures say its either Dec  25 or Jan 7. His name as iseous comes 25 and as Y’shua comes 16, thus we see all the combinations as 7! We know that 7 is the spiritual number in numerology and has a heavenly connection, its the number of supreme spiritual powers and medium. Mata Amritandamayi, Babji, Krishna, Jesus, Sai Baba, Siddhattha Gotama all are 7 borns without a doubt, many enlightened persons are 7 borns as they can easily acquire special powers. Jesus was born on Bethlehem which comes 38 (2) 7 and 2 are like iron and magnets in numerology, and Jesus comes under the descendant of David according to biblical prophecies.

David’s numerological value is 16 and Siddhattha Gotama comes 52 i.e. 7 ! Jesus had 12 disciples and the thirteenth was himself, number 13 in religious numerology has a great significance, as 13 is called the ultimate leader or the head of an institution, This was very evident as Jesus himself was the leader for 12 disciples.

Jesus left Nazareth when he was 12 years old, and exactly for 18 years no one knew where he was, but this number 18 is very significant in numerology, the Mahabharata war took place for 18 days, the pandavas were sent to the forest for 18 years, and 18 is the number which comes as a sign  before a great destruction or war. Now Jesus returned to Nazareth after 18 years, and exactly at age of 30 he was crucified. Now where was Jesus during this 18 years, many scriptures say that he was in India during 18 years spending his time in leh (near jammu in India).

There he had spent his time in a Buddhist temple, also he had traveled to places like Varanasi, and rishikesh in India and had learned the veda’s and the sutras. It is said that its in India Jesus learned Kriya Yoga. After becoming a Kriya Yogi from the rishi’s he went to nazareth to preach his teachings which were mainly influential by teachings of Buddha. Buddha was born 1000 years before Jesus, and sermon on the mount by Jesus is inspired by Buddha’s dhammapadha. The powers he obtained by Kriya Yoga, made him to perform many miracles in Nazareth which was opposed by then roman emperor and led to his crucifixion.The noted kriya yogi’s are

Sri Krishna, Jesus, Babaji, Yogananda paramahansa.

Only a Kriya Yogi can resurrect after death as he can transform himself into all five elements of earth – Yogananda


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