Numerology Number 5


Yesterday we saw about the nature of numerology 4 born people, and today the weather of Chennai is so bright and sunny unlike the usual cold weather during the month of December. Now lets see what numerology number 5 has got to say to us. Of the previous four posts about numbers 1 to 4 in numerology, this post is going to be very significant in terms of helping so many people across the globe.

The ancient scriptures and vedas have mentioned so much about the planets of our solar system, but not so much details have been given or shared about planet mercury, and this planet mercury denotes Number 5 in numerology and astrology. Number 5 is the personification of democracy, public power, the darling of the masses. Number 5 is the only number in numerology which has the magnetic powers to draw extraordinary mass. Its the number which can mesmerize the public or a common man. As number 5 lies in the middle of nine numbers in the line of numerology, the person who comes under 5 gains popularity and fame than any other number.

Now who comes under this number 5? Person born on 5,14,23 of any month or numerology life path number is 5 then such person comes under number 5 in numerology or mercury ruled person. A person born on these dates or having their name value as 5 will enjoy the support and liking of masses. When birth date comes 14,23, or 5 they are popular right from their birth and have a unique qualities and characteristics of number 5, but for people whose life path number is 5 they tend to gain greater popularity than those birth date counterparts, they will be remembered as legendary personalities either for extremely good reason or extremely bad reason. for e.g. Adolf Hitler is 20th born and numerology life path number 5, and Rasputin was numerology 7 born and lifepath number 5; one should have a basic understanding of the 5 as covered over here – – before proceeding.

Basic Nature

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! c’mon speedy! – these are the words one can hear quite often from these people. They usually feel that the rest of the people who doesn’t belong to their group as a bunch of lazy bums. Number 5 people usually talk fast, its not only their talks but their their thoughts too are very fast and quick. They possess extraordinary intelligence which makes them to arrive at a solution very faster than anyone, The other people may take many days to arrive at a solution whereas number 5 born people would arrive at it in no time.

Most of their discoveries or findings can be only decoded or understood after their death as it will take more time to understand their findings for a non 5 born person. They are truly a mercurial people (The word mercurial originated from word mercury). Number 5 born people are very spontaneous and expresses their emotions openly, like a baby they will easily mingle with others and they wont keep any secrets with themselves, even their love affairs will be known to public.

Numerology number 5 born people have the burning desire to do things which nobody has done and this very attitude of them makes them successful in all their endeavors. 5 born people have supreme faith and confidence in their works and even in the no-win situation they wont easily give up and will continue to believe that they can win. These people are not person of age old traditions, they like to come out of old traditions and culture and loves to live in modern era. They love to buy new gadgets, experiment new trends in fashion, and are very sophisticated. Number 5 people are very determined and confident.

Unlike 4 born people in numerology, they never wish to earn money by straining so much, They always try to figure out to earn money in as easy manner as possible. They believe in Smart work than Hard Work. If there is one word worth mentioning about the number 5 born, then it is the word Change. They love change in anything and everything, according to their mood, their occupation, their lifestyle, their place of living, everything changes from time to time. They cannot settle in one place for a long time, sooner or later they will want to have a change in that. This attribute is mainly because of nature of planet mercury. Mercury has the tendency to change anything when mixed with it.


  1. Hi,
    My name is ( Name removed as per the request – author) and my dob is 29 jan 73.
    My husband’s name is ( Name removed as per the request – author) and his dob is 20 feb 71.
    Our life is not at all going smooth.
    What do you think should be changed in our names.
    should we both change our names.
    If you suggest his name to be changed
    which of these are good options:
    R( Name removed as per the request – author)
    of course with last name.
    And if in my name
    do you think if I change my name is( Name removed as per the request – author), would that be good option.
    Further you can suggest.
    we got married on 25th feb 2006 which comes to total as 8. Though it was Shivratri’s night which cannot be unlucky but still Do you suggest to correct it by remarrying another lucky date and if yes, what hsould be total of that date.
    We are currently living in apartment 8 building 8 and I realize that our problems increased after coming to this apartment.Do you suggest us to leave this at earliest possible,
    Please Help and Guide.
    Your Kind attention is appreciated.
    Warm Regards,
    ( Name removed as per the request – author)

  2. My birthday is November 13 1970. So I am a 4 born, 5 Lifepath, yes?.

    Please tell me the best and worst totals for my name.

    Thank you for the great info on this site! 🙂

  3. Hi sir, my brothers dob is 5.12.1995 i.e in 5 & 5 combination.His current name is r.bharanidharan.Since the name part is adding up to 35.We thought of changing his name.Since he is in 5 & 5 combination how about having SREEKANTH.R.L OR SRIKANTH.R.L (L is 4rm mY moms name).WICH NAME U WUD PREFER 4 HIM??

  4. Hi, my lifepath number is 5, my name equals 9 (that is first name equals 9 and surname equals 1) When changing my to match lifepath, would I change just first name to equal 5 or would I change first and surname to equal a total of 5 combined.

  5. hi, my first name equals 12 and last name equals 24. My birth day is 3 and my lifepath is 5. Should I change my name to total 51? Thinking maybe that if first name was to be changed to equal 27, and if i left my last name the same (24) do you think this would work for me overall… OR maybe have my first name equaling 17 and surname 24 which is total of 41? Dont want to change last name at all so that will stay as 24 no matter what. Or maybe a first name of 23, my last name of 24, and a could of initals inbetween e.g. 23 + 3 + a + 24 = 51?
    Eagerly awaiting your reply. thanks so much.

    • Your current name as 36 is not unlucky at all, but you can change to 51 or 41 which is more lucky than your current name. Your first name as 27 and your last name as 24 with total as 51 is the ideal choice for you.

  6. hi forgot to mention my husbands birthday is 8, lifepath 3, name totals, first name 16, last name 24, and id like to stay compatible with his numbers, if possible. theres no chance he will change his name at all though. thanks very much again.thanks.

    • In case if you want to be deeply compatible and inseparable with your hubby, then make sure his name comes to 41 which is a must for his birth date as 8. And you also have your name as 17+24 which is 41. When two person shares same number, they become eternally bonded together

    • Your current name itself is good, but Jeeva alone comes 18 and denotes struggles and obstacles, J JIEVA will do world of good for you, as it comes 15 IN TOTAL AND JIEVA COMES 14, WHICH IS HIGHLY FORTUNATE FOR YOUR BIRTHDATE

  7. Hi, i just wanted to say “thanks”. The information you imparted and your speedy reply is very much appreciated!! Thanks again. 🙂

  8. Hi, i have 3 children & have had so much up and downs with my kids, one in particular and i have daughter too. Their numbs are first one name numbs are 19,24(total 43) his birthday 31-lifepath is 6. Second one (the one whose life is up and down constantly! ) name 10, 24(total 34) his birthday 27-lifepath 3 -he has soooo much energy)and my daughter name is 25,24 (total 49) her birthday 6 – Lifepath 3. Also have been told that if you have a 9 birthday or lifepath its not good to have a 9 in your name as too much 9 energy is not good. Is this true? Also for my son with the 27 birthday would a 5 in his name make him more energetic than he already is? They have middle names but ive given you the names they are called by in everyday life. Sorry so many questions… any answers would be sooo appreciated, thank you vry much.

  9. Hello, was just wondering if 5 L/P is compatible with 6 Name? Read in previous post where you suggest 51 n/numb okay with 5 L/P.heard 5name ok wiv 6 L/P but didnt think was ok other wahy round. say with my name can i sign CarleighCW and this is ok to take to no.32. thank you.

    • Yes, you can sign, More over name number 5 is universal benefactor which can be used by all, but for people born on 8,5,9 and 6 and also their life paths it gives the most auspicious results.

  10. Name: Sheila Dharod
    Birthdate: 24/05/1974

    My name is Sheila Dharod. Although it comes to 41, my first name comes to 18. I know 18 is bad but 41 is good. So what should I do?

    Also can you give me more information about about the # s 57, 41, 32 and 22

    Thank You.

    • When a overall name is good like 41, the effects of calling name is very minimal, But we can self introspect that, for e.g 18 can bring some troubles in relationship and marital life, one has to see analyze ones marital life, if its good then effects of 18 is very very minimal.

      I ll try to provide the info through posts very soon

  11. Also my fiance’s lifepath number comes to 22 (4). His name is Michael Thomas Graber which totals 57 but he often goes without his middle name and then it totals 37. What’s more accurate to use his full birth name or the name he usually goes by? And can you suggest how we can change names so we are more compatible?


    • The name he goes by is what it counts, the name he signs and uses in real life situation is the name that provides the effects. Hence, 37 is his name number. Which is the best one for his lifepath 4

  12. hi Saravana, (I’m 14th born, life no 9 and hubby’s 3 and 6 life num) both of our names is in 23 and 23 ….
    my total name consists of 23, 29, 53 so total 105
    my hubbys name consists of 23, 10, 29 total 62.
    I have read somewhere that if two persons name is in 5, then chances of having baby would be delayed or in some cases nill. We are delayed does this because, both of our names in 5? please let me know….Thank you.

  13. Hi Saravana,
    I have a question to ask..
    In numerology, usually people say that name number 1 is useful for those born with date or lifepath 1,4,8. Number 3 is suitable for number 3, and 6 for those under 6. Number 9 suitable for those under 3,5,6, and 9.
    But I hardly find anyone mentioning the suitable name number for those born under number 2 and 7. Is this number unlucky?
    I am born on the 7th with a lifepath of 2. My common name “Pravin” equals 23. My full name is 41, and add an initial it becomes 46.
    Which name number is best for a person with my combination?
    Do explain for me Saravana.. Thank you very much.

  14. Hello, I posted a on 6 September. Thanks for answering so quickly. Stil pondering name change. My LP is 5 and BDay is 3. Considered having 17+24 (41) OR 27+ 24 (51), but not feeling comfortable about the 27 for some reason—- What are your thoughts on LEEANN(24) +G (3) + 24(SURNAME) total(51)——- OR LEEYA(15)+K(2)+24 total (41). Would the 24 sit well with my 5LP. ?

  15. Hello sir,

    Could you please advise the suitable name numbers for my son and my daughter in law.

    1) Son
    DOB – 15.03.2007
    Name – L.Ashvanth

    2) Daughter in law
    DOB – 23.12.1994
    Name – S.Abimathy


  17. Hi Mr.Astronlogia,
    My Birth Name: Yugandhar Uday Santosh Kumar
    Name (used everywhere): Uday Kumar
    Surname: Namburu
    Nicknames: Buddha, Vebz
    DOB: 05/Nov/1986

    As Uday Kumar=27, shall I keep it same or do you suggest any changes?
    As Buddha=22 , shall I keep it same(as my Lifepath is 4)? Or shall I change it to Buddhha(=27) or Buddhaa(=23) ?
    I would like to use the name Vebz as my business/brand name and pen name in future.
    As Vebz=20 , shall I keep it same or shall I change it to Vebzz(=27) ?
    I feel glad if you suggest me even any other changes apart from the above mentioned.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

  18. my birth date is 23sep1989. my profession is travel and tourism so can you please tell me how much will i succed in this field?and sumthing bout my love life?

  19. i know, wat im goin to say is crazy bt its truth…… my DOB,Phone Number,College Department number,Area code ,door number,ect… whn added Gives 5 ….my friends once told me abt a movie called 23 in wch the hero experience tis kinda disturbance wit 23 (2+3=5)…. wat does it really signifies ….. plz help needed

  20. Hi there, I am a big fan of what you write on this website.

    My husbands name is RAKESH BHATIA and his dob is 26-08-1973

    Is his name good ? please suggest a better name (i.e. name change)



  21. Hello Sir,
    Please find below my details.
    Name: Sumesh Subramanian
    DOB: May 12, 1976
    Sign with First name: Sumesh
    I have few questions, which are mentioned below. I will be very glad if you help me with it.
    1) Kindly suggest me do I need to alter my name?
    2) What should be my lucky number?
    3) What should be the lucky number when I add up my total of my mobile number, bank account number etc?
    4) Is it fine if I sign with my first name?
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Many thanks

  22. Hi sir! My dob is 05/Nov/1986. As my birthdate is 5 & lifepath is 4, what are the best/ideal name number(s) to me? My name in certificates is Namburu Uday Kumar(=53). Uday Kumar(=27) is my actual name & Namburu(=26) is my surname. So what name should I change?

  23. dear sir . This is my second mail to u but i have still not gopt any reply,I ned your help dearly. Iam born on 17-12-1971,my name is kevin das. can i change my name to kkevin dass to have good vibration of no5. my wife name is sunita das born on 13-1-1973,We havcew a great influence of 8&4 in our daily life due to that we ar facing lots of problem,We need your help,my Email address is [email protected] waiting for your reply.

  24. Hi
    My date of birth is 02/05/1978
    My name is R.Venkatesh
    Ia m facing a lot of problems right now.I studied numerology and decided to change my name to Venky Raj which adds up to 23.Please advice.Thank you.

  25. Namasthe Sir,

    I really need help changing my name

    My current name is Sumana Narayana
    DOB-Oct 14 th 1971

    My current options are

    Suman Shreya
    Suman Geet
    Suman Shriya
    Suman Nanjundappa
    Suman Shri or
    Suman Nidhi

    Please guide me as to which would be suitable.

    Warm regards


  26. Hi, my name is Rakesh Bhatia (Adding to 32) and date of birth is 26/08/1973. Is my name good for me? or do i need to change it?

    DOB: 2412/1975

  28. Hi, can you please suggest a good name for me (i.e. name change)

    My date of birth is 22-05-1976 and name is NIDHI BHATIA

    would nidhiKA bhatia be better?



  29. Dear Sir,
    I born on 23/04/1980 3.55 AM Wednesday,my childhood dream is i want to become a film star as Hero and want to be number one,i believe in my skills, confidence and hard work .but i need to know what is the best name for me what is the best number for flim actor,
    Now I have a plan to change my name as Thilakh to “VINNU”
    Is that i go with this or to change,kindly help me sir,

  30. hi I’m krishnamohan born on 05-01-1980
    I would like to know about my future ,Business ,& marital life
    do i require to change my name ?

  31. Sir My dob is 5.11.1987 and my name value is coming at 37 Please
    can you advice me if i should change it as i suffered from cancer
    and than a lot of problems regarding career and even at home front
    there are problems.Problems are increasing day by day.

  32. Sir, I would like to know what is the significance of the first
    letter of a name in numerology and what are the letters or
    alphabets which are considered as lucky and what are the letters
    which should be avoided. I kindly request you to reply ASAP. Thanks
    ! Regards, Prashant

  33. Sir, my date of birth is 23/6/1974 starting no is 5 and total is 32
    . can u help me to know that my name harshit baid is lucky name for
    me or not.i am not getting the sucess in my life for which i am please guide me .

  34. Hi Sir… I have noticed that the numerology calculator on your website is now missing.
    Plz Plz bring this calculator back on the website. Thanks

  35. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to have a new name. By which letter or alphabet should I start my new name (as per numerology) i.e. the letters which are lucky for me.
    My D.O.B is 5-7-1984.
    Birth no. 5 & Life path no. 7
    I hope you will reply this time !


  36. hi i really need some help with my numbers!!

    I THINK im a 5 born with 7 lifepath but im not too sure..
    when you tally up my first name it equals 6, middle name is 20 and last is 17
    my DOB tallys up 7

    i really am very confused as one moment im an 8 born with 5 lifepath the next im 7 with 3 lifepath and so on…
    I just cant get my head round it!

    Thanks in advance

    ps name changing is not an option for me

  37. Hello Saravan Great work and information for the people. Really hats off to you. Once small expertise advice from you.
    Born on 5th , life path is 6 and name numelology comes to 32 as 5 too.
    Is this really suit for a 5 born person?
    Since you mentioned on one of the topics as 5 & 9 works great.

    Please guide with your expertise advice.
    Thanks in advance

  38. Hi Saravana,
    All your posts are very nice & informative.

    I kindly request you to tell us about the number 50 in your future posts.


    • I’m right with you on wanting more on the number 50  Particularly, I’d like insight on how it fits into the dwelling area of one’s life.

  39. My friend is born on 14/09/1984. 9 as Life path number and his name is S H HUSSAIN that adds upto 32. Does this name holds good for him?

    Expecting your reply.

  40. Punitha,

    Height is something which stops by 21 or 24 (max) for woman, best time to increase ones height is by changing name atleast before age of 14. i am afraid that the age is passed now. but height alone doesnt mark ones personality, your inner wisdom and attitude will determine the quality of life and not height alone.

    P.S you can make yourself attractive by being slim, and make your skin looks young. this can be done through yoga and pranayama


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