Energy Medicine and Energy Healing


Energy medicine is a form of energy healing. It is used as a compliment to medical care and can help patients deal with physical, mental and emotional problems. Even if you’re not sick you may want to consider energy medicine because it can help keep your body balanced and functioning at peak performance. There are a variety of different types of energy medicine including acupuncture, yoga, and other forms of kinesiology that help to improve the balance and flow of your energy, restoring harmony to your body.

Energy Medicine and Energy Healing

What is Energy Medicine?

The key to energy medicine is understand that everything in the world is made of energy. That energy exists on a spectrum and shapes how our bodies move, live and work. Everything from what we eat, to how we sleep, to our mood affects our energy and how it is shifting through our body, but it is also affected by the energy we have. Healing via energy medicine is a concept that has existed for centuries; long before doctors and modern science changed our worldview into believing that only chemicals and prescription drugs could help to improve our quality of life.

Some forms of energy medicine can be practiced easily at home, while others will require someone who has been trained to use them. Forms that can be used at home include tapping and chakra balancing. Tapping is very simple to do. It is a form of behavioral therapy that can help to relieve the body of negative emotions. You will want to get a break down of the acupressure points of the body and what parts of your body and mind they help. Then, with a gentle but consistent tapping on the acupressure points you wil want to think and speak of a trauma or struggle you have gone through or are going through. The tapping helps to clear the negativity from your body and brings your mind back into balance. Chakra balancing is very similar. It involves spending time in meditation and to ensure that each of the energy centers in the body are open and balanced.

Using Your Natural Energy

Energy medicine works by helping your body’s natural energy flow remain clear of blockages and even over-usages that would throw yourself out of balance. These subtle energy streams are found in our body’s right down to the very mechanics of our cells and how they function. When there is an imbalance in even one small part of our body it will snowball into a larger problem that eventually causes illness and injury.

Anyone can work with energy medicine. It doesn’t require experience or training unless you wish to practice on others through methods such as chiropractic or acupuncture. There are a variety of training classes for those who begin their energy medicine and energy healing journey and find that they want to help others achieve the same balance that they themselves have found. Energy medicine tends to be a calling and those who are called to be healers with energy healing and energy medicine may find that one particular form of training, such as massage therapy, is better suited for them than another.


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