Cancer and Virgo Compatibility


Virgo and Cancer compatibility is very strong in some areas of the relationship but in others, especially their communication, this is a couple where they are going to have to work very hard to be successful. Both Virgo and Cancer are gentler signs that prefer home life and comfort to the wildness of adventuring or being in the spotlight. Both signs are hard working, both tend to be careful with money however both can also be overly critical and worry too much. Where the more rambunctious signs might be able to draw Cancer and Virgo out into the open and get them to enjoy a night out despite themselves, together this is a couple that will almost always opt to stay home and watch a movie on the sofa than go out with friends.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Issues With Cancer and Virgo

The biggest issue that these two face, whether you’re looking at a Cancer man and Virgo woman, or vice-versa, is communication. Since both of these signs tend to keep their emotions bottled up and focus more on logic than the heart it can be difficult for either to find out where they stand. Virgo’s can keep such a tight leash on their emotions that they actually can make themselves physically ill, while Cancer will wait for Virgo to give them the emotional assurance they need and begin to panic that Virgo is just playing games when nothing is ever said. The key to making this relationship work so that it can grow and blossom is communication. Cancer has to learn to express exactly what they need and Virgo must learn how to trust their heart and let their feelings show. Once Cancer is certain that Virgo feels the same way these two will quickly and easily settle into a steady, smooth rhythm because Cancer is a cardinal sign while Virgo is mutable. This means that Cancer will take the lead and Virgo can sit back and ‘relax’ while Cancer takes the initiative.

Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to sexual compatibility Virgo’s can be a major surprise. While it takes time to bring them out of their comfort zone and get them to loosen up, when they do they are often exceptional lovers. They may never be part of an intimacy triathlon, but they will give their Cancer partner a genuine and intimate experience that they will never have with anyone else. As with most signs this will work out to the couples’ benefit as most often this is exactly the reassurance and affection that Cancer is craving the most – they just had to communicate correctly to get to the point where their love for one another could be expressed without words.

Compromise is the key to any relationship but Cancer and Virgo compatibility depends on it, as well as on the ability of both signs to take a breath, take a step back and then initiate a calm and honest discussion when things aren’t going the way they want them to. There is too much these signs have in common, and too much potential for a great, life-long relationship to give this up because it’s hard to have a good talk!


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