Dark Spells


Dark spells are the same as black magic spells and they should always be approached with caution. The reason that these sorts of spells can be so dangerous for the caster is because of the belief in the rule of three – whatever energy you send out into the universe will come back to you three times as powerful. This means that if you send out a spell with the intention of harming someone that eventually that energy will come back to you with three times as much strength as you sent it out. Dark spells are ideal for selfish actions such as personal gain, binding someone who tries to harm you and communicating with the dead if you’re brave, but you should strongly reconsider spells such as love spells that force others to love you, spells that cause bad luck or illness, and spells that try to achieve immortality – these are very likely to only bring you harm.

Dark Spells Preparation

Make sure before you embark on a journey with dark spells, that you are ready to handle the consequences of your actions. Spend some time in contemplation and meditation to ensure that there are not other ways to achieve a similar outcome that would achieve the same goal without risking cosmic retribution. Be sure that you understand, as well, that curses and hexes are considered dark magic. Curses and hexes can be particularly potent and powerful, but when they are dispelled the cosmic return on that negative energy will likely be very swift.


Rituals for dark magic spells are very similar to those for white magic spells – you will want your altar, your cloth and circle of power, as well as your candles and herbs or charms. These tools help all spell casters to focus their intentions, energy and desires so that their spells are more powerful. If your dark spell is intended to help you commune with spirits it’s important to choose a location that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic – while it’s certainly understandable that you may want to avoid clichéd locations like graveyards, the mall is equally far from ideal. Places like forests are excellent choices as they are full of energy and very few people to distract or frighten spirits away.

Researching your spells

Just as with white magic spells, dark magic spells can be spells you found or researched, or they can be spells that you wrote yourself. Make sure you write how you performed the spell in your personal spell book so that you can return to it later and cast it again with the same level of effectiveness at a later date. When you are ready to cast your spell it’s good to know that dark spells are most effective when you stand within the circle of power as the conduit for your magic. Because you are the caster, it adds to the energy behind the spell when you stand in the circle of power and give your full strength to the spell you are casting. Once the spell is cast be ready for the outcome.


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