Binding Spells


Binding spells are generally considered to be a positive spell cast for the purposes of protecting yourself or someone else from evil, negative or harmful spells and intentions from other people. Binding spells can protect, provide distance, or end someone’s influence. An excellent use of binding spells is to stop bullies from bullying people! Be careful, however, when casting binding spells. Make sure that your intentions are positive because these are spells that can be used to directly influence another person and their behavior, rather than just negating actions and spells sent your way. Remember always the rule of three – that anything you send out into the universe will come back to you three times as strong. If your intentions are pure and positive then you have nothing to fear, but if you are worried that there may be an underlying negativity to your actions then you may want to avoid a binding spell that attempts to control another person.

How to Cast Binding Spells

A spell to bind a person from being able to cause harm can be as simple as a freezer spell. Take a piece of paper and write ‘I hereby bind {person’s name} from {actions they are doing that cause you harm}.’ Once this is done, hold the paper and speak your spell, binding them from harming you. Fold the piece of paper and place it in a freezer bag, fill the bag with water and freeze it. When the situation with the person has resolved itself you can thaw out the ice and bury the paper. Pour the water from the melted ice over the freshly buried paper and release the person from the binding spell.

How to bind someone else’s magic or energy

If you want a spell that will bind someone else’s magic or energy, you may want to consider a spell to simply stop their influence over your life. Write the name of the person whose intentions you wish to stop on a piece of paper in black ink, then cross over it with a pentagram before folding it twice and tying it with string. Hold the paper up to your forehead and chant your spell binding their energy from harming you. Put the paper in your right shoe and tap your heel into it nine times.

Distance Yourself from Others

If you want to put distance between you and someone else you will want to perform a distance spell. This spell may be considered to directly influence someone depending on how you do it because you are controlling their actions. You will want to start by acquiring something that belongs to the person – the smaller and less likely to be missed the better. Tie a silk ribbon around the item chanting your binding spell as you do so. Next you’ll take the bound item to a river or creek. Turn so that your back is facing it and throw the item over your shoulder into the water. Do not look back at the item! Toss it into the water and walk away, allowing the river to carry the item and the negative intentions of the person seeking to harm you away.


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