Love Compatibility Horoscope for Virgo the Virgin


It’s a common conception that being born Virgo means you may have a harder life than other signs. They are outwardly viewed as selective, picky and perfectionists. While these things may be true, a good Virgo love horoscope will look beyond these superficial things and dig deep into the altruistic, modest, and loving nature of the Virgo. These people are grounded, able to see and think clearly and while they can be overly-critical they are most often over-critical of themselves, not others. They are continuously working towards perfecting who they are and how they look and everything that they do. They rarely stop working and are always in pursuit of that perfection.

Because they are known for their pickiness, it should be no surprise that they are discriminating when looking for a lover and a Virgo love horoscope will cover that. A Virgo is happy to remain single until the right person comes along for them, but that person may have a hard time catching them. They aren’t overly out-going, often coming across as quiet and shy. This may give the false opinion that they are stuck-up, but really they are just quiet and reserved and take time to open up to others. While they aren’t prone to public displays of affection, they offer unending devotion and a true joy that comes when they are able to make their partners happy. Being in love and helping their partner makes them absolutely glow with joy.

Virgo And The Dating Scene As Told By A Love Horoscope

Earth and Water work the best for Virgo, whereas they rarely do with Mutable signs. This is one Mutable sign that loves for life. They are a fixed pair that bonds well with their favorite go to friend. The Mutable Earth sign friend Virgo is the one you can call whenever you are in a jam. This is how Virgo rolls. They are practical and grounded while always flexible. Most people get along with Virgos most of the time. Virgos need structure, other Mutables are too flighty for practical Virgo. At the same time, Virgo does well in a love compatibility being nourished by water signs and staying grounded with fellow Earth signs.

Dating a Virgo can be tricky because they tend to be so picky, so be sure to ask them what they like. They’ll tell you. Stick to things you know they like otherwise you risk making them anxious and unsteady which, in turn, will lead to them being quiet and standoffish because they are uncomfortable.

A Virgo love horoscope should be quick to point out that a Virgo will likely look for their emotional opposite. Virgo men look for women who are vivacious and able to express themselves because they struggle to express their emotions. Virgo woman will romance themselves with a novel because they’d rather fantasize about the perfect man than risk being in a relationship in which they aren’t loved as much as they love. This is a sign that believes in true, lasting love and they will take their time falling in love just to make sure that what they have with their partner is lasting and real. The key to solidifying your relationship with your Virgo is to touch their heart and stir their emotions. Once they have allowed themselves to fall in love with their partners, they become loving and devoted companions, instinctively in tune with their partner’s needs. You’ll probably never get one to bring you flowers or shower you with gifts, but they will always display their love for you through undying and unselfish emotion.

Summary of the Virgo Love Compatibility Reading

Virgos are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. They tend to be uncomfortable around the active and social signs, and they prefer to be home bodies which makes them generally unsuitable for the more active ones.

Great: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio

Favorable: Aries, Gemini, Pisces

Challenging: Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius


Aries & Virgo

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Virgo is Earth, Steady Earth to build a Fire
QUALITY:  Aries is Cardinal, Virgo is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY:  Aries is Yang, Virgo is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Quincux , Original odd couple

Overall: Cardinal Fire Aries and Mutable Earth Virgo at first glance do not look compatible. There is an opportunity for Aries to ground their self in something that could stand the test of time. Aries wants a partner who is as real as it gets, which is Virgo. Virgo loves it and wants to keep it. Virgo takes it slow and Aries will have to remember that if they don’t want to lose the relationship. This is a challenging but also healing relationship. They easily butt heads and unite in a common mission to strengthen their bond. This can lead to frustration because they step on each other’s toes.

Positive: This combination is the essence of opposites attract and at first they may only see faults. At the end of the day, they will find mutual respect and learn a lot. Virgo is fussy and detail oriented which could drive Aries nuts. Eventually, with patience, Aries could learn to appreciate that. Virgo will also teach Aries patience. Aries is used to getting everything their way quickly. They will learn they can get good things with a slower approach. Aries has a deep appreciation and admiration for Virgo’s work ethic. Initially this pairing is not the best idea, but it does happen. They share a love for dancing. This could help them work out a compromise. They can hopefully get into step with each other and figure out who is leading. If they can, this can be an exciting challenge that will keep them on their toes. Both are notably neurotic; they will banter about all that’s wrong. That is the shared purpose. If they unite around a common charitable cause then they are a force to be reckoned with. Virgo plans, Aries gets the Marketing. Together they can reach a significant accomplishment.

Challenges: Cardinal sign Aries rushes into everything which will aggravate Virgo. Aries will be annoyed that that annoys Virgo. They will have to find a balance between major personalities, which is the greatest challenge. Virgo wants to analyze and think about it all. Aries can be flexible with that. Aries needs the grounding. Virgo needs to be spontaneous. Aries will teach that they do not always have to think things through. They might hate each other before this project is through. Aries starts and then leaves things unfinished. Virgo autopilots into a martyr role and picks up the slack for Aries, seething silently with resentment. Aries’ spending knows no bounds, while Virgo is a notorious penny pincher. They apply different styles with the home or their family, which means there could be trouble in paradise.

Make it Work: There has to be some serious compromises by both to make it last. Virgo needs to allow Aries to be the boss all the time. Aries needs to be flexible and open to Virgo options. Aries needs to slow down to find the balance between when to rush on life and when to hold back. Virgo will teach them how to do that. Aries needs to help Virgo know how to get out and about. It can be well grounded but fiery.

Virgo & Taurus

ELEMENT:  Both Earth signs, Grounded home base
QUALITY:  Taurus is Fixed, Virgo is Mutable, Compromise to find sync
POLARITY:  Both Yin, Intuitively sensitive
ASPECTS:  Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This pairing is not given enough credit. A lot of people think that two Earth won’t work and would be dull. Actually, they are stronger than they look. This is a very practical, no question successful pair. Their work ethic cannot be matched. They will be successful financially and if both committed to making it work, they will do anything to make sure it will happen. Once Taurus gets their sights on Virgo, they can start ring shopping. Virgo loves the sensual, sexy, hardworking Taurus. This relationship is grounding but also a bit neurotic. These sensual creatures shower each other in affection and gifts. This can lead to disagreements over spending. They can be stabilizing to each other, since both are Earth signs.

Positive: This is a Fixed Earth and a Mutable Earth. There is a lot of groundedness, real talk, and practical energy. Both are hard workers and committed to financial success and savings. They are a financially successful couple. Virgo is the most practical of the two. Taurus is the sensual, beauty driven sign. The polar energies will play off each other beautifully. They will have a strong moral compass that doesn’t feed bs. Taurus loves this because they struggle to find someone who can be real with them. Virgo has no tolerance for fakes. They love that they have the same quality as Taurus. Virgo is Mercury ruled, so that will deepen communication and allow for long term commitment. Virgo is flexible enough to meet Taurus’ rigid standards in process. Pump up the slow jams, this is a match made in Earth sign heaven! This is sensual Taurus meets generous Virgo. You will spoil each other with creature comforts and the affection will never be in short order. Taurus maps out the master plan for how relationship unfolds: budget, first house, etc. Virgo happily steps in to serve that vision, bringing new meaning to domestic.

Challenges: They will experience hiccups when certain qualities surface. Virgo is always changing per environment. Taurus is fixed so they get jealous and possessive. Virgo has the gift of gab and is a little overly critical. Taurus is sensitive and the bull will come out if Virgo pushes. If Virgo flexes but Taurus won’t, then there will be a conflict of epic proportions. Taurus’ tastes run toward the finer things while Virgo will happily scoop up necessities from the local Goodwill. The difference in material values can become problematic unless Taurus cools down label whoring and Virgo is willing to be more polished and refined. The medicine cabinet may be a source of contention as Taurus overloads on beauty products and Virgo obsessively collects herbal remedies and prescriptions. They are both a tad neurotic, especially when it comes to aging. They need to find outside interests that keep them feeling young, so as to calm their fears of fine lines. Be careful it doesn’t become a gorge that divides you from one another.

Make it Work: The best part is the mutual commitment and work ethic. Both want the same goals and at the end of the day, will do almost anything to accomplish it. Both like to be financially secure so their common efforts can smooth over bumps. Taurus must adapt to flexible Virgo and budge more. Virgo must be less critical. They have a shared interest for quiet nights in and planning sexy nights to make up will really help.

Virgo & Gemini

ELEMENT:  Gemini is Air, Virgo is Earth, Earth builds on Air’s nature
QUALITY:  Both are Mutable, Spontaneous variety
POLARITY:  Gemini is Yang, Virgo is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: The Mutable Air Gemini and Mutable Earth Virgo need to focus on commonalities to make it work. There will be slow and then sudden movements but love can be there if both put their differences aside. The Earth sign energy will give the pair the stick it out quality they need. The Air sign will get Earth out of their comfort zone once in a while which will help for the long term. This is both a neurotic and erotic relationship. These two communicators are skilled conversationalists, since they share Mercury as a planetary ruler. A Gemini and Virgo relationship is intellectually stimulating because you share a passion for uncovering new and exciting information.

Positive: Both want the same things, they just spend their lives going about it in totally different ways. This won’t change once they meet, so it needs to be noted. Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, which makes them big thinkers and skilled communicators. Both love to travel. Virgo is feminine and Gemini is masculine, which is a lovely union. Virgo brings a down to Earth and keep it real attitude to the relationship. Gemini appreciates this because they are always flitting around. Gemini likes the conversations to keep going and Virgo wants that. If they embrace the strengths, it can be a deeply stimulating union. Equal parts neurotic and erotic, it often ends in matrimony. Analyzing and exchanging ideas is an electrifying experience for two thinkers ruled by planet Mercury. Your love affair centers around a shared passion for discovering information. You can turn your life together into an endless treasure hunt. You will fill your home with fascinating artifacts, each with an elaborate story behind it.

Challenges: The biggest wrinkle is that with the Mercury rule, they are critical in their own ways. Gemini cuts to the chase with harsh words and criticisms. This backfires on Virgo as they like to think it over. Virgo is practical in this way but in the exacting sense, like Big Bang Theory’s Shelldon. They are obsessive about every detail being just so and will not change. Virgo gets upset if details are not heeded. Gemini has little patience for that and blows in and out of the room as their whim desires. Once a difference is spotted between the pair, the big thinkers can and will use this information to make the relationship better. Communication is your common ground;  you approach the world from vastly different angles. Gemini is an impulsive Air sign who passes data around at the speed of a high tech server. Virgo is practical, grounded, and not prone to rushing through anything. Both are a tad neurotic and can activate each other’s anxieties by pointing out everything that might go wrong with a plan or idea. Learning to enjoy the art of comfortable silence will be a saving grace for you two chatterboxes. Otherwise you might just talk each other out of a relationship.

Make it Work: This mutable energy is their greatest strength. These are two signs that would drop everything for you. They are good for each other, despite the differences; they  can count on one another. Mutable means they are flexible. Some signs can’t handle the slightest error in love, but not these guys. They understand human mistakes and will forgive. Its almost perfect.



Overall: This is a very good match on the compatibility scale. The Cardinal water sign of Cancer with teh Mutable Earth sign of Virgo in a match means it is very well balanced. Earth and Water are always well balanced as one element nurtures the other towards abundance and prosperity. With Cancer, we have the emotionally centered partner whose cup of love always floweth over. Virgo is flexible, goes with the flow and is real. Virgo’s are about as down to Earth as it can get. This match may not be the most adventurous or exciting, but it keeps on giving the love for many years to come.

Positive: There is little that is negative about this match. Virgo is flexible so they go with the flow which works for the bossy Cancer. Virgo longs for the grounded and practical home life; so they really appreciate how good Cancer is at providing that. With this match, we have Cancer who is ruled by the Moon. Moon means love and emotion. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so they are grounded in Earth, which means they are real and communicative. This match will have a lot of long, lovely conversations that will be real, authentic, honest, and loving. With the feminine energy from the moon and the masculine energy from Mercury, there is a great balance. This is another  matter that enhances the love in this match. They are not the most energetic love match, but they are rooted in devotion and love. This is one that will last much longer than the matches that are always in motion.

Challenges: Cancer and Virgo match is one built by the stars but every match is going to have wrinkles. Virgo is detail oriented and critical when anything is out of place. This could pose a problem for Cancer who takes things personally and is wounded over the slightest negativity. There is a bit of a stubborn streak with Cancer, which is the opposite of the flexible Virgo. This means Virgo may find themselves frustrated with this part of Cancer on occasion.

Make it Work: This shadow sides of the pairing results in some wrinkles. The wrinkles in this one are small, Cancer is fortunate to have a Virgo who literally will go with teh flow any day of the week. That is unless their needs are not being met. To do so, Cancer needs to learn to give a little on occasion and not take every little thing so personally. Virgo on the other hand can ease off some teasing because that can be taken a little too far very easily with Cancer. For the most part, these are passing moments. While it is slow to start, they build a relationship deeply rooted in devotion, love and appreciative communication. These are all things needed to ensure many happy years to come.


Overall: Wind and fire combining means we get a passionate and exciting connection. There is a lot of love compatibility in this union and both parties will find a lot of commonalities with each other and a lot of things they agree on. There is a deep loyalty in this connection as both want long term love. Libra wants a partnership and harmony. Leo hates drama and power struggles. Add the wind to fueling the fire and it is a passionate connection with a lot of chemistry that fuels romance for as long as desired.

Positive: This is the Fixed Fire sign of Leo combining with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. There is a lot of dominant energy, but never any kind that will overtake the other. The differences between this pair are what will keep them going. Libra is ruled by Venus and thus loves beauty, luxury, and harmony. Leo loves excitement and adventure, and they are loyal to core. Libra is very attracted to these traits. Leo is ruled by the Sun and needs to be center of attention a lot of the time. Libra doesn’t have a problem giving credit where it is due and is happy to wave their wand of Venus love over Leo. They are fair and balanced when approaching love so they appreciate the common ground they share. There is no shortage of sparks or sexual chemistry.

Challenges: Cardinal Air Libra and Fixed Fire Leo have very different approaches to life and this could cause some wrinkles. Leo is adventurous and loves to use their energy. Libra is more passive and prefers slow and methodical approach. Leo is going to want to be up and about almost every night, Libra doesn’t. Libra has a tough time coming to concrete decisions and Leo will be impatient with that. Leo likes to flirt, Libra doesn’t like that at all. Tempers will fly when the wind stokes that fire and if it isn’t handled well Leo will wind up with a bruised ego which is the worst thing for a fixed fire sign.

Make it Work: To make it, both have to pull back on their dominant side. They don’t have to be wishy washy but they need to learn to give and take in love. Libra has to get out of the house once in a while and explore the adventurous world that Leo has in store. A few quiet nights in could be very passionate and exciting for Leo if they give Libra the chance to show it. Neither likes drama and going back to their roots of passion, energy, and harmony will be the key to ensuring success for compatible couple.


Overall: This is considered the most boring pairing. They are slow moving in their approach, so their love compatibility is almost impossible to match. Two mutable Earth are similar in almost every way. They like and dislike all the same. They like each other a lot for a long time to come. They are a well structured and well organized ring rooted in a foundation that is determined to succeed. As such, this one has all of the potential for a long term match.

Positive: They want the same and like the same. They go about love and life and happiness in same way. They dislike the same things. This runs almost seamlessly. They love organization, responsibility, and real talk to keep sexy juices flowing. They like pretty things and are not afraid to work for it. They are loving and financially successful. They look for the long term, don’t like petty problems, are flexible, and drop everything to help their partner.

Challenges: Where they could go wrong is in their complementary shadow sides. They have similar faults and both are annoyed by these faults. Virgo has a tendency to be overly analytical and critical, which will cause problems with the relationship. They are very cautious, sometimes too much. If one moves slower than other, they could have issues. They are quite picky, the littlest thing can set them off. They can circumvent small differences or big issues.

Make it Work: They are committed to the same goals. They are marked with lengthy conversations that are real and authentic, this is the trait of Mutable Earth. Keeping the lines of communication open in a positive and healthy way will be the keys to success; if they can do so without hanging onto criticism and pickiness. This is a match that does well for a long time. There is marriage potential if they don’t give weight to petty squabbles.


Overall: This match bodes well. They love harmony, balance, long term love. They hate drama like the plague. They have shared goals and visions in this lovely union. They bring security to the table in unique ways. One thing both parties need to be careful of is critical and sometimes unfeeling nature, as they can turn off in wrong scenario. If they can get past it, the harmony and long term love lend to a beautiful and balanced relationship.

Positive: This relationship poses some theoretical differences on paper, but ranks high in love compatibility when both are focused on long term success. Mutable Earth Virgo is rooted in financial security, hard work, deep devotion and commitment to Cardinal Air Libra. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so they like to talk it out. Libra loves all things in their Virgo. Virgo is represented by harmony, balance, and an enjoyment of long and intellectual conversations. Virgo loves pretty and elegant things and so will be attracted to Libra’s offers from the world. At the same time, Libra is very appreciative of Virgo’s need for order and even finds Virgo’s organization sexy. The sensual pleasures that Virgo is able to provide is very appealing to Libra. The intellectual approach to life Libra takes is one Virgo finds stimulating.

Challenges: Virgo and Libra combination is one where both have high standards for themselves, each other, and the world. If things are not up to snuff, the other will make it known. This leads to some criticizing which can work wrong way for both. Earth and Air are colliding here, which are two different approaches to love and understanding that could lend to some confusion once in a while. Virgo doesn’t appreciate the manipulative way Libra handles problems. Libra will not enjoy being criticized for wrong doing. Both need to rely on shared gifts of communication to overcome snaffoos.

Make it Work: Virgo and Libra view the world in unique filters. They desire to understand those differences and get past them, which will help last the test of the relationship time. One thing this pair has going for them, besides gift of communication, is need for harmony and balance in love. Virgo and Libra avoid drama at all costs, so if they can keep it at bay, they will succeed in long term affair. They desire long term partners and take that up at different speeds. Both need to learn and understand romantic peace of other. They are manipulating and pushing for individual goal which will backfire on both. If they can master it, they can master a love that is harmonious and lengthy.


Overall: This is a high high ranking match. Mutable Earth Virgo and Fixed Water Scorpio come together on this one. As such, they both feel like they have found their long last friend. Sexy intense Scorpio is really appealing to Virgo. Virgo keeps it real, which is attractive to Scorpio.

Positive: These are the best friends that could end up in a long and happy life together. They are a slow moving match because of Virgo, but Scorpio doesn’t have a problem with waiting for the love they believe in. This will bode well in the long term. Virgo has a gift of communication. Virgo loves a good mystery and analytical mind, which Scorpio has in spades. They are never short of anything to talk about. They are always working together to make their amazing bond even more so over time.

Challenges: They seem literally made for each other. However, their are key differences that they will need to be careful of. Virgo is a stickler for details, which can come across as critical and cutting. Scorpio doesn’t like it, Virgo will realize this. Scorpio has a tendency to become obsessed and fixated on love. Virgo needs room to breathe. Scorpio’s obsessive nature will become a big turn off for Virgo unless Scorpio finds a way to give Virgo freedom without losing their mind to jealousy. Scorpio is so fixed and stubborn, Virgo may back off. This could get old for Virgo if Scorpio doesn’t make up for it.

Make it Work: You can’t find a happier couple than when you mix Earth and Water. They adore each other but have forked tongues. Things can get a little critical, which is usually fun for Virgo but not Scorpio. Both need to pull back from that quality if they don’t want to bruise others egos for good. They are deeply rooted in a devotion that is hard to forget. Scorpio wants to keep Virgo, Virgo is happy to adapt to Scorpio’s quirks. This will allow them to remain in bliss.


Overall: This bodes well for the long term. They are two mutable signs, Earth Virgo and Fiery Sagittarius. They combine forces in love. On paper, it seems like more differences than common ground but mutable nature of Virgo and Sagittarius will help keep them moving on. They move at different speeds. Both will need to learn a little give and take when it comes to the pace of the relationship. If they can navigate bumps, then the match will be mutually satisfying with plenty of heat, sparks, and real talk that keeps it alive.

Positive: Mutable Earth Virgo and Mutable Fire Sagittarius starts off this relationship with a flexible bond. They are adaptable and help nurture common approach to life. Neither like drama and they are both flexible with their problems. Virgo’s authentic nature of real talk is sexy to Sagittarius because they want a straight shooter. Sagittarius is fiery and impulsive with lots of energy for the relationship. Virgo will be excited by this, even if not on the first approach. Virgo loves the new places Sagittarius wants to take them to. Sagittarius loves long nights. This will meet the needs for both, as they are both rooted but love having an entertaining partner.

Challenges: This combination of fire and earth would seem impossible. Fiery Sagittarius is one that moves quickly in all areas of life, so they may not like Virgos slow and analytic approach to love. Virgo on other the hand is organized and on the critical side. On occasion, willful. They will feel pressured if Sagittarius tries to move the relationship quicker than Virgo is comfy with. Virgo is a well know hermit. Sagittarius is not and will tire of Virgo’s no to going out. Sagittarius has low threshold for criticism and will flee at the sight. Virgo may find Sagittarius too flighty.

Make it Work: The mutable energies in both Virgo and Sagittarius will help keep them alive. both are flexible and adaptable but will have to do so a lot. Virgo will have the least problem with but may not stick for the long haul. Virgo will give Sagittarius more than a few second chances, Virgo has to be okay, for it to work. Sagittarius will have to be careful and they will have to communicate with real talk.


Overall: These two have it in the bag. They are a dual earth so they are madly in love with each other. They are able to overcome obstacles and petty differences. This is Mutable Earth Virgo pairing with Cardinal Earth Capricorn: they have what the other wants. Their differences meet the needs in the other. They are grounded in reality enough to let petty things go and ensure love lasts.

Positive: This is a match made in heaven. They have the same qualities and the differences compliment each other. Mutable energy is as flexible as the day is long. Capricorn appreciates this because they are a busy worker bee and not home that often. They need success to feel good and they work hard to get it. They are a financially stable match. They won’t fight over money. Mercury rules Virgo, so that brings the real talk and communication gift to the table. Saturn rules Capricorn so they are always on the clock. They are slow to start but rooted in a foundation of deep devotion to each other and relationship.

Challenges: They appreciate the differences that rest in their qualities. Mutable Virgo is flexible in almost any situation, but not always happy when Capricorn is always at the office. Virgo can be overly critical, Capricorn won’t tolerate that. Capricorn is the boss and demands perfection not criticism. Virgo will have to pull back at the same time on the valid complaints, even if not a boss. Capricorn will need to learn to accept it or it won’t last.

Make it Work: Its a give and take. Both seek the long term love. Flexible Virgo makes things possible and probable. Hardworking Capricorn is full of commitment and loyalty. This is a fantastic base for a relationship; a devoted spirit that is remembered and cherished.


Overall: These are two very different perspectives on the table. There is nothing in common on paper, but this is actually what will keep them connected. Virgo and Aquarius are committed to appreciating their differences, despite how many there are. This commitment will lend to the success of the union. They will find their shared vision in love and get on the same page. This is a match with energy and practicality that could stand any test.

Positive: They are both big thinkers, but each go about deep thinking in a unique way. This is the appealing quality to both. Virgo is an Earthy thinker, they over analyze and look at every angle in love. Aquarius finds this attractive since they need someone intelligent to talk to. Virgo has intelligence in spades, Aquarius finds this sexy. Aquarius sees big picture. Virgo is deeply attracted to Aquarius and their humanitarian vision. These are two partners that see the big picture of world. They are two partners that work at two different speeds, but these different paces will be appealing to other over time. Virgo and Aquarius will show different parts of this big world to other in unique and exciting ways.

Challenges: There are more differences than similarities but it is not doomed. They simply need to learn how to overcome and accept these differences. Aquarius moves at a high pace, Virgo is just the opposite. Aquarius will get frustrated with Virgo’s need to think every little thing over. Virgo on the other hand will become tense with Aquarius’ methods of cutting to the chase. With Earth and Air, the emotional current is on the slow slide. Aquarius doesn’t need all the warm and fuzzy every five minutes. They may become annoyed by Virgo’s desire to express feelings on occasion. Virgo on the other hand wants things appropriately felt through and may feel insecure by Aquarius lack of emotion on occasion. At the same time, both Virgo and Aquarius have a critical side that comes out, in biting and cutting ways. They could nip this relationship in the bud quickly, if both are not careful.

Make it Work: Both want a long term relationship. There is a shared vision in this regard, despite the many differences that will need to be focused on regularly. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and they are skilled at talking things out. Aquarius is skilled at receiving communication. These traits bring balance to love compatibility that works well for relationship. As long as both Virgo and Aquarius can keep the deep cutting comments aside, they can find a way to make it work. Both signs appreciate harmony and balance, both are grateful for the other’s high intellect. If they embrace these shared goals and traits, this is a match that will last for some time. It will be rooted in real talk and shared intellect that can conquer almost anything.


Overall: This is a beautiful pairing. They are markedly different but just what the other party needs. The Mutable Earth Virgo pairing with the Mutable Water Pisces nurture each other into abundance. These two signs are very different but that feeds into a long and lasting love. If they keep their shadow sides at bay, they have the potential for a lifetime.

Positive: There are enough pros to keep this match going to marriage. The Mutable Earth sign Virgo paired with the Mutable Water sign Pisces means flexibility. Two Mutable signs coming together means the match can adapt to almost any situation that comes their way. Neither one of these signs hold onto grudges. An “I’m sorry” and all is completely forgotten. Earth bound Virgo is grounded in real talk that Pisces really appreciates. At the same time, Virgo doesn’t have to wonder what page Pisces is on because Pisces wears their heart on their sleeve and is more than happy to share this with Virgo. Virgo will literally swoon. At the same time, Virgo will drop anything the moment Pisces beckons them to enjoy a fantasy or explore dreams. As they are both Mutable, they appreciate the freedom the other needs, neither are too clingy with the other. Together at the end of the day, Water nurtures Earth in a way that is nothing short of abundant, prosperous, and even a little sexy.

Challenges: There are only a few problems to discuss. The match is deeply devoted to each other, they really do work on every little problem. Virgo is more grounded than Pisces however and may become frustrated with Pisces “head in the clouds” nature. Pisces on the other hand may wonder why Virgo takes everything so seriously all the time. Virgo also has the tendency to be a little overly critical, even if they are just joking around. Pisces is the ever wounded one and hurts easily as a Water sign. Virgo and Pisces need to learn how to enjoy these trait of theirs, without hurting the other one in the relationship in the process. Virgo and Pisces need freedom and alone time in their own ways. This could become too much as clinginess has no place in this relationship.

Make it Work: There is more great than not so great. The biggest hurdle this pair has is to overcome the area where criticism and hurt feelings come into play. Virgo needs to curb back on their sarcastic comments every now and then. At the same time, Pisces could stand to lighten up in the area. Both signs also need their own sense of freedom and mobility. Clingy partners don’t bode well in this relationship. Both Virgo and Pisces are able to feel secure in their relationship. This Earth and Water match will nurture each other and be completely devoted to each other for decades to come.



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