An Explanation of Numerology For Beginners


In ancient times numbers were seen as proof of the existence of the gods. It was more practical, and easier, to figure out the calculations of the universe. With mathematical calculations ancient mathematicians could, perhaps, understand the blueprints of creation. This ideology, known now as numerology, even found its way into the religions of the day and can still be seen in the construction of cathedrals and other holy places.

The term, ‘numerology’ was not used, however, till 1907 and the numerology we use today is less used to build buildings and create mathematical theories. Numerology today focuses on the ways the numbers assigned to our lives and names can help us much the same way Astrology can, by helping us to better evaluate ourselves and those we come across. It is the language of numbers, and the way to learn our unique life numbers in particular.

Numerology is made up of five core numbers that help determine your universal path, the Life Path number, the Expression number, the Personality number, the Heart’s Desire number and the Birth Day number. Each of these numbers is determined by the name you were given at birth, your birth date, or a combination of the two.

Explaining Numerology By Order Of Importance

The most important of the numbers is the Life Path number because this is the number that will help you determine your life’s blueprint. The blueprint will help you learn about potential opportunities and challenges in your life. It will help you understand who you are and what your personality may be. Because your life number is based off the numbers in your birth date it’s almost completely unique to you and will never change! This makes it one of the most important numbers you will have in your life.

Your Expression or Destiny number focuses on your strengths and weaknesses. It is based off the letters of the full name given to you at your birth and helps to identify talents and abilities, strengths and weaknesses that you carry with you, and have had, since you were born. If you were to view numerology as a garden, your Life Path number would be a tree, but the Expression number is the ground the tree has sprung from and provides it the basis and nourishment to thrive.

Derived from only the consonants in your name, your Personality number helps you identify who you are and explains what parts of your personality you display openly to others and hat you keep close and personal. It will help you learn what sorts of people to be near and which to stay far away from.

The Heart’s Desire number helps you determine what it is you really want in life. It helps you figure out what you are looking for in each area from work to relationships. You find your Heart’s Desire number by using just the vowels in your name.

Numerology Explaining Birth Date Numbers

Lastly you have your Birth Day number. This number is seen by some as the least significant, but while it’s impact may be small through most of your life, this number holds a large gift for you that it will bless you with someday in a big way. Your special day comes with a special gift that only this number can divine.

Numerology involves the numbers 1 through 9, each of them with their own special meanings. If your numbers add up to double digits then you should add the two numbers together to get a single digit number and then seek out that number to get a good idea of your number.

Each of the numbers has a special formula for how to get the true number. Because the Life Path number is the most important, you should begin by finding your life path number first. The formula is very simple.

Using the sample date of August 22, 1984 you will:

  • Begin with the month. August is the 8th month which means it’s number is 8.
  • The day is the 22nd. 2 + 2 = 4 so the day number is 4.
  • The year is 1984. 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22 and 2 + 2 = 4
  • Finally add the three numbers together, 8 + 4 + 4 = 16, 1+ 6 = 7

Those born on August 22, 1984 will have a Life Path number of 7!

The last and most important thing to understand about numerology is master numbers, the numbers 11, 22 and 33. Master numbers are the most powerful and intuitive numbers out there, but it is as much as curse as a blessing. It often means you’ll be called upon to show patience and maturity in your life and peacefully integrating these numbers into your life can be a challenge but it will be worth it. These numbers will make you much more powerful and productive!


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