The Ability to Smell Otherworldly Objects Using Clairalience


Clairalience or clairallience is also known as clear-smelling and is the ability of some psychics or people with extra-sensory perception to pick up smells with no physical reason for the smells present. It is an often ignored intuitive sense, but it is a very important one. Many people with this skill can pick up the scent of someone’s tobacco smoke, a perfume, or other smells specific to a spirit. Clairalience is a great way to augment your other psychic senses and be better able to pull together a full picture of the spirit you may be working with or that may be trying to communicate with you. This sense is connected very closely with memory and carries a powerful connection to our emotions.

Gaining The Ability of Clairalience

Developing clairalience is fairly easy. After all, we all know how to smell and those smells are locked into our memory which can then help us establish what we are experiencing when we experience a psychic smell. Begin by opening yourself up to scent. Smell everything. You want to store as many scent memories as you possibly can so that when you smell something similar through clairalience you aren’t distracted by what it might be. You already know! You’ll also want to avoid using things with lots of scent such as scented detergents or overloading yourself with perfume. Instead go for fragrances with natural oils in them, try to avoid perfumes in whatever you can so you can learn the real scent of something.

Next you’ll want to work on strengthening your sense of smell. This is pretty easy to do, but you should practice it a couple times a week. Cut out pictures of things like food from a magazine or put together a slideshow of images on your computer, tablet or phone. Find a quiet place where you can achieve a calm, relaxed and meditative state. Take some deep breaths and then begin looking at each picture. Imagine the smell until you are sure you can smell it just by looking at the picture, then move on to the next image.

Taking Clairalience To The Next Step

Once you have somewhat mastered this, move on to working with people. Begin by opening your chakra’s. The two most important chakra’s used in clairalience are the root and throat chakra’s. You open them by meditating and visualizing a white light filling your body. Your root chakra is located low in the belly and is visualized as a red ruby. Allow the white light to move down into the chakra and begin to awaken it, filling it with bright light that causes the ruby to glow a bright red. It may take time to successfully open this chakra, and if you have suffered a traumatic experience it may resist opening. Continue gently working on opening it through meditation and in time you will be successful.

Once your chakra’s are open, partner up with someone and work on developing a psychic sample of them. Enter a meditative state and then focus on the other person. Breath in their energy and try to identify what smells you feel and what they connect with. Some may be familiar smells, some may have tastes and others may give an impression of a color. Be sure to write all this information down as it will help you identify smells when you experience them while no one is present!


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