The Sacral Chakra: The 2nd Chakra


The 2nd chakra, the Sacral chakra, is the center of all our emotion, sensuality and creativity. It’s energy is characterized by ebb, flow and flexibility and directed by the principle of pleasure. It is known not just as the Sacral chakra, but also Svadhisthana, Adhishthan, and Shaddala. The name most commonly used is Svadhisthana which means “my own place”. The Sacral chakra is located about three inches below the navel and in some systems of teaching, it’s influence understandably extends to the genital areas of both men and women. The Sacral chakra helps to moderate the lymphatic system, so keeping this chakra healthy is very important to overall health of the body.

The Sacral Chakra Introduction

When the Sacral chakra is healthy and flowing properly, it takes on a translucent orange appearance. When symbols of the chakra are drawn they include a moon crescent and a circle with six petals. The circle represents the element of water which is an important part of the Sacral chakra. The moon crescent represents the connection of energy in the shakra and represents the number of days to work through the fertility cycle and reconnect the chakra with the sexual centers of the body.

Since the 2nd chakra is the chakra in charge of emotional and psychological functions, it handles emotions, feelings, relationships and relating with others, how we express our sexuality and enjoy sexual pleasure, the development of who we are inside and outside, our creativity and our fantasies. This is the chakra that helps us determine what we like and dislike, and how we feel about things. When the Sacral chakra is out of balance it can lead to things like substance or people dependencies, being ruled by your emotions rather than able to experience them and move on as well as the opposite effect of being unable to feel anything emotionally. It can cause us to try dangerous sexual behaviors as well as fuel a complete lack of drive. Most often it will leave you stuck in a particular mood, unable to shake yourself free. Physical symptoms include constipation, back pain, urinary tract infections, abnormal menstruation, and infertility issues in both genders.

Balance Your Chakra

To find out if your 2nd chakra or Sacral chakra (which you can learn more about here) is out of balance, settle yourself into a comfortable meditative pose and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do you feel pleasure? Where do you not?
  2. Do you feel creative and sensual?
  3. Compare how often you do things you enjoy to how often you do things you don’t enjoy.
  4. When you perform acts of service is it out of love for the other person, or out of a need for approval?
  5. Are your relationships co-dependent?
  6. How do you contribute to your relationships?
  7. Do you experience a lot of jealousy?
  8. Do you trust that life is abundant and that you will always have enough?
  9. Do you allow life to be easy?
  10. Do you have to struggle and sacrifice, making everything hard?

If you answered in the negative more often than the positive to these questions then you likely have an energy imbalance in your Sacral chakra. Thankfully, rebalancing a chakra isn’t terribly difficult! Begin by adding yoga to your morning and evening routines. Be sure to include seated pelvic circles, butterfly pose with a forward fold, and cobra pose. All of these help to align and then open the chakra which improves the energy flow. Furthermore, use the mantra VAM while doing the poses. The vibrations of this mantra will also help the energy align. As you go throughout your day, make time for small meditations in which you use affirmations specifically for the Sacral Chakra.

  1. I love and enjoy my body.
  2. I have healthy boundaries.
  3. I am passionate.
  4. I am open to experiencing the moment.
  5. I value and respect my body.

These are just a few suggestions of chakral affirmations that will help to open the Sacral chakra. You can also make sure to include fennel and coriander in your food and use Gardenia essential oils in your home.


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