Food and Astrology


Food and Planets

Each and every day in a week is very special, as they are filled with their own planetary vibrations. In astrology, the sun and moon are considered as luminaries, but they are the most important stars in solar system. Our Gregorian calendar day starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday. Sunday is filled with Sun’s vibration on earth, in the same way, Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday and Saturn for Saturday. Food and astrology go hand in hand.

Food and Astrology

Likewise,  even plants and fruits possess an individual planetary vibrations. That’s the reason, the medical benefit’s of plants and fruits are large. These fruits should be best consumed on their respective day’s that bear their vibrations. Only then, the utmost benefits of the fruit/plant goes well into the human body. Learn more about numerology and health here:

Ideal days and Ideal Food

  • Sunday: Sunday is ideal for consuming all sorts of food, any sort of fruits,plants or meat can be consumed on Sunday as its full of Sun’s vibration.
  • Monday: Moon’s vibration is what made up of Monday, Moon is a watery planet, which signifies element water, hence water rich fruits like watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber are ideal to eat on Monday.
  • Tuesday: Mars is the day lord of Tuesday, Mars is noted for its hotness,  fruits which creates heat like mango, dates, and pineapple should be consumed on Tuesday.
  • Wednesday: Mercury is the ruler of Wednesday,  Mercury is a dual planet, and a common one. Hence all sort of foods are welcomed on Wednesday
  • Thursday: Jupiter is the day lord, Yellow/orange color foods are apt for Thursday, fruits like lemon, orange, banana should be consumed on Thursday
  • Friday:  Venus – The lover, rules Friday affairs. Foods like badam, pasta, almond, nuts, and foods that improve sexual potency are ideal to consume on Friday
  • Saturday: The dark lord Saturn rules Saturday, This is the ideal day to eat all sorts of junk foods, oily foods. Saturn rules oil, hence oily foods can be consumed safely on this day.


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