Pentacles Reversed


Many amateur tarot readers will leave out the reversed cards because they believe they are all negativity and question who would want that sort of negativity in their reading. It’s important to include them, however, because they aren’t all negative and without them you risk an incomplete reading! We’ll go over what the Pentacles Reversed mean in Tarot.

Pentacles Reversed Cards

Ace of Pentacles Reversed – The Ace tells you that you are too worried about finances and this is cutting into your joy and happiness. Leave your financial worries alone. Go out and live big and large and stop being jealous of other’s finances.

Two of Pentacles Reversed – This card is calling you to listen to the feelings of being overwhelmed. You are doing too much and need a break or you’re going to crack! Be willing to delegate and share the work load.

Three of Pentacles Reversed – Though a positive card dedicated to work and positivity, it is also a warning not to slack off. Give things your best, don’t take the easy road. People may be watching to see how you do.

Four of Pentacles Reversed – This card says you’ve been holding onto things for too long and it’s time to let go and be more open to the universe. Relax, remember you can’t control what others say and do, only how you react to it.

Five of Pentacles Reversed – You are about to move from a feeling of being abandoned and alone with little self-confidence to a period of warmth and renewed sense of self worth when this card appears.

Six of Pentacles Reversed – Don’t reject generosity being sent your way, this card says, be open to the help from others and look for the ways to be generous to others as well.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed – Upright or reversed, the seven of pentacles means you will be getting a return on an investment and so it’s time to get clear about what success looks like to you and how your goals will look when they are met. Be specific. Now is the time!

Eight of Pentacles Reversed – This card reminds you that hard work is the only way to prosper. Avoid any scheme that promises you great return with little effort. Just put your nose to the grindstone and trust that the reward will be worth it.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed – Generally a good omen, you should look at what is good in your life but not take that as an excuse to be lazy. Remember to remain disciplined and not to give in to the desire to just let things go.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed – You may be feeling a sense of boredom that comes from peaceful times when you get this card. Don’t shake things up, allow yourself to indulge in the feeling of peacefulness and count your blessings. A new time will be coming soon enough.

Page of Pentacles Reversed – You may be easily distracted when this card appears and it is a warning to turn your focus to one thing at a time so you can be sure to get things done. Prioritize!

Knight of Pentacles Reversed – This card is a warning that now is the time to focus on work, don’t allow yourself to be distracted and unmotivated, focus hard, learn a new skill, and put yourself to work.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed – This card is a reminder to look on the bright side of life, remember that there is beauty everywhere and you should strive to find joy in the simple things of life.

King of Pentacles Reversed – This is a call to look at all you’ve accomplished and disregard it. Those things that you have done are not what makes you great, but who you are as a person, what helped you do them on the inside is what makes you great.


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