Your Name is Your Mantra!


Mantra is a sacred utterance that causes profound physical and spiritual effects on ones body. The sound vibrations produced through such mantras activate or unlock dormant energy channels. In fact, human brain is like a crypted device, mantras that produce frequency of sound vibrations helps to unlock the dormant neural network of brain.

Mantras have been used from time immemorial. Mantras are used for wide range of purposes, starting from ones physical, mental and spiritual well being to more specific objective such as to cure certain type of illness, to invoke wealth, to protect from evil eyes, to gain victory over enemies etc…Generally the  structure of mantra follows with a root syllable (e.g Aum, Hreem, O Lord, etc) and the main mantra which is energized to produce the effect.

But the little known truth is that the greatest mantra for an individual is their very own name! Mantras generally strengthen the deity or person or energy medium in question. By reciting consistently, the aura of that particular deity or person or energy gets expanded and evolved. We have seldom realized that by expanding our own self, we can realize the supreme manifestation that resides inside us. A way to expand ones awareness, ones consciousness and become realized is to revere and meditate upon ones own name. One has to understand that this not self idolatry but self affirmation! Simple way to realize  ones true Self – The Brahman. Many saints have achieved enlightenment through this technique. Your name is the most sacred mantra to you! Recite it with spiritual fervor and reverence and remember, your name is your Mantra!


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