The Secret of Chaldean Book of Numbers


When Chaldean numerology related books were published in 20th century many did not believe the power and greatness of the system as the world followed Pythagorean system unanimously (Thanks to Pythagoras and Co. for burning Babylonian scriptures and tablets). New-age numerologists were pondering over the birth of new system and its origin. In fact, even now, acclaimed Chaldean numerology practitioners are not able to answer the origin of manuscripts that contains the wisdom words of Chaldean Numerology.

The Chaldean were masters of heavenly sciences such as astrology and numerology. It has been said that Chaldean have observed the heavens (Planets and Constellations) for 10000 years, and have recorded every inferences and the respective changes that affects planet earth. Many astrological observations, scriptures, tablets were burnt when the Greeks conquered Babylon. The Chaldean Book of Numbers is among the books and tablets that survived the religious burning of Greek soldiers.

During the dawn of Christianity and King Arthur’s rule many religious treasures were restored from Romans, Greeks and Persians. And the Vatican city right now currently possess the most valuable book in the world.

Before it came to the hands of the Vatican, many scholars and researchers have translated it to the Greek and English language, the original supposed to be in Akkad language.  Hence, apart from the original, few translated copies existed and that is how Chaldean numerology came to existence in this modern world through some masters in monastery.

The divine science has been kept secret for all these years, and the tradition of teaching involves from master to student, where master never reveals the books content.

It is only through this way, our ancestors were able to get the knowledge of Chaldean numerology. But the knowledge that has been gathered in this science is not even 1 %, the original Chaldean book of numbers contains answers to all the mysteries of life in our planet.


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