Page of Pentacles


The Page of Pentacles, also known as the Page of Coins, is seen in a grassy field and appears to be walking slowly, all his attention focused on the gold coin in his hands. He stares at the coin as if it will suddenly multiply; the coin itself signifying wealth, ambition and sensuality. In the field flowers are blooming, behind him is a small grove and a freshly plowed field, all of which signify the promise of a great harvest. In the background is a mountain range. These mountains are the signs of challenges and obstacles that must be faced in order to receive the harvest.

Page of Pentacles


When dealt upright the Page of Pentacles is a sign of ambition, diligence, consistency, faithfulness, loyalty and dependability; the page is determined to be successful. If you are doing a relationship reading, the Page of Pentacles love meaning shows a steady, diligent lover that is dedicated to the relationship. When the Page appears in a tarot reading it brings a message of new beginnings or a new venture. New opportunities in your material world, a new job, new business, or sudden financial windfall, are coming your way. It is a sign that you are beginning to manifest a goal or dream and turn it into reality.

However, you must remember to read the Page of Pentacles as feelings more than specific absolutes. It is the motivation and energy you need to make your dreams realities; the energy to get the education and learn the skills needed to do whatever you need. You have a strong foundation for success in your career and shouldn’t feel any fear when it comes to putting yourself out there to look for opportunities. Finances are looking good; but remain dedicated to your budget so that you can see that greatest outcomes.


When you are dealt a Page of Pentacles reversed, it’s time to take a break and regain your focus. You’re probably feeling unmotivated and lazy at work, bored in your relationship and struggling financially. You’ll find yourself drawn to all sorts of flighty, ‘fun for a minute’ adventures; flirting with someone new, gambling away your savings. These impulses have to be ignored and this card is a warning to ignore them.

If you aren’t in a committed relationship then you may feel the need to play around; this is okay, but be sure you set clear expectations with partners so that you don’t cause them to suffer heartache. If you’re in a long-term relationship then just remember this is only a period of time, it will pass. Fight to stay together and get through it.

A reversed Page can be a sign that you’re neglecting career or school work and that it is about to become a problem. You’re daydreaming instead of getting to work; set more realistic goals and work to get your focus back. Start giving 100% again or be prepared to suffer the consequences. Likewise with your finances; you may feel the urge to spend frivolously but you have to remain in control.


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